An Ungentlemanly Manner

Inspired by A Happy Assembly’s “Captivating Compromises” playground theme.

You are mistaken, Mr. Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared me the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner.”

She saw him start at this, but he said nothing, and she continued: “You could not have made the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it.”
Pride and Prejudice, chapter 34


“….had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner.”

And just like that seven and twenty years of education and good breeding disappeared from Mr. Darcy’s mind. If she will accuse me of being ungentlemanly, I will show her conduct that is truly ungentlemanly!

Darcy stepped forward with a decided air before she could continue her rantings. “You accuse me of ungentlemanly conduct towards yourself? I see you prefer the gallant, like Mr. Wickham, perhaps? So, should I have approached you at the impressionable and young age of fifteen, while on a holiday from your elder brother- your only surviving family and your guardian- and convinced you of an elopement? When confronted by said brother, by the merest chance of arrival before the event could take place, and it was made clear that I would not receive any of your substantial dowry of thirty thousand pounds, should I have announced that you were not worth the marriage otherwise and left you grieving and brokenhearted, so much so that almost a twelvemonth later and you are still painfully unsure of yourself and decisions, certain that your every action will be the ruin of your family? All your joy and liveliness vanished? So much that you are merely a walking ghost in your homes, leaving your brother to grieve as though the last member of his family has passed?”

He saw her begin to shrink back from his claims, but still he ungentlemanly pushed forward, regardless of her sensibilities.

“Or should I have flattered you and seduced you until you begged for me to take your virtue, only to abandon you and leave you with child like most servants and tradesmen’s daughters and even a few gentlewomen unfortunate enough to cross his path?

“Or do you prefer my cousin? I should flirt shamelessly and raise your expectations all the while knowing that I must marry a well dowered woman to continue married life in my preferred lifestyle? It would be great love indeed that would make him overlook such things.

“Or do you prefer Mr. Collins? Tell me, in his proposal to either you or Mrs. Collins how many utterances fell from his tongue on the greatness of my aunt? Did he expect for you to grovel to her and cater to her whims as well as he?

“Or perhaps Mr. Bingley? Whose attachment of only a few weeks must be no deeper than any other time he has supposedly fallen in love, as testament to his agreement to abandon the acquaintance when pressured by his sisters concerning the prudence of the match and his friend’s uncertainty regarding the lady in question’s affections?

“Yes, I can see how any of these actions would be much more gentlemanly than for me to declare my ardent love for you despite the objections I shall face from my family and society. A love that has been strong enough to overcome the differences in our station and take on the lower connections of your family and yoke myself to their most improper behavior- all while receiving no great sign of your regard. Yet I could not leave and not pay you my addresses, certain as I am that fate threw us together again.

“And yet, I will show you my ungentlemanly manner now. I will tell you that by our third meeting I was more bewitched by you than any other woman of my acquaintance. Your eyes were the first to strike me, followed by your pleasing form. As I moved from staring at you across the room to listening to your conversations I discovered your playful manners, intelligence and quick wit. Shall I tell you how disappointed I was when you denied me a dance not once but twice? Me! No other woman would ever dream of denying me a thing. Shall I describe the jealousy I experienced each moment you danced with another at the Netherfield Ball? Each time I have seen you bestow a smile on any and all others but me? Shall I tell you that I saw your friendship with Miss Lucas? Your affectionate nursing of your sister and desired my own sister to have the same claim on you? That I saw an inner strength and beautifulness in you when you would overcome Miss Bingley, and even Lady Catherine’s, belittling words? That you are the most genuine and unaffected woman I have ever met?

“Or shall I tell you that the image of you arriving at Netherfield, flushed and wind blown was so captivating that it will stay in my memory for eternity? In light of you rejecting my suit I pray to God that is the last image I see in my mind’s eye before departing this earth. Though I will tell you my imagination has created much more tempting images. Shall I tell you that I know the room you stayed in at Netherfield was seven paces from my door? That so intoxicating is your scent I have ordered Lavender bushes to be planted outside my study window at Pemberley and even acquired a jar of lavender oil to remind me of your fragrance? Or can I convince you to accept me if I admit that I, a very private man, has laid out my faults bare to you like none other and at each reproof instead of feeling indignation only feel more love inspired?

“And yet there is one fault I have not admitted to as of yet, though I am certain you have deduced it, though not yet in its entirety. I am unbelievably obstinate and will do everything in my power to get my way.” With unexpected tenderness he stepped even closer to Elizabeth and gently stroked her cheek.

“And now I will tell you the ungentlemanly ways I have imagined the feel of your soft skin…so soft, and how your silken strands would feel in my hands.” He undid several of Elizabeth’s hair pins and ran his fingers through her delightful curls.

“Your lush ruby lips on mine,” he leaned in and gave her the lightest of kisses. She gasped, her breathing turning heavy and ragged.

“I will tell you how I have imagined your breathing ragged for me, you trembling for my embrace,” seeing her doing thus he pulled her in his arms, nestling his head above hers almost overcome with the exquisite feeling of home he experienced nearly overshadowing the desire he felt as her soft body molded to his.

Stroking her back lightly he murmured in her hair, “I will tell you how I wish to see your eyes drunk with desire for me, how in my imaginings I have held you in my arms all night long, every night since the fourteenth of October. That I have a passion for you which would make me give away Pemberley itself, lay aside everything to my name if needed to just to have you in my arms as my wife.”

Pulling back, he tilted her head up and his loins nearly burst with what he saw in her eyes. His mouth sought hers with hunger. Though timid, Elizabeth was quick to learn, and both felt as though their bodies were on fire and yet they only desired more. His hands gently caressing her face, her arms, her back. Elizabeth’s hands wrapped around his waist and then stroked up his chest and settled around his broad shoulders.

So enthralled in their activity they did not hear the carriage arrive with the Collins party, nor the parlor door open. With a gasp Mrs. Collins ushered Miss Lucas upstairs, though her husband remained.

“Cousin Elizabeth! You wanton girl! Unhand Mr. Darcy at once!” Mr. Collins’ words crashed on their heads like a bucket of water.

“Mr. Collins, you will never insult my betrothed again!” Mr. Darcy’s countenance brooked no opposition; however Mr. Collins was too stupid to see the promised threat written all over Darcy’s face.

“Betrothed? But…but…Miss de Bourgh is your betrothed!”

“I assure you she is not and never shall be. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is the only woman who shall ever become Mrs. Darcy.”

“She has drawn you in with her arts and allurements! I will speak to Lady Catherine at once and she will remind Elizabeth of her place!”

“Mr. Collins, I told you to never insult her again. I shall know how to carry my point.” Mr. Darcy would have continued with explaining his connection with the Archbishop but Elizabeth laid a hand on his arm forestalling, shocking and delighting him equally. By the time he looked back from Elizabeth, Mr. Collins had fled the parsonage.

“Elizabeth, forgive me for my ungentlemanly display. I had wanted to convince you of a courtship after this but now you must see….”he trailed off, unsure how to explain that by his actions she was now forced to marry him, against her will. A deep frown marked his sad face.

“To which display do you seek forgiveness?” Elizabeth interrupted his thoughts.


Stroking her jaw in mock thought Elizabeth paused before answering, “I should say not. I quite enjoyed the display.” She then cast him an arch look, “Both of them.”

The passionate side of Mr. Darcy wanted nothing more than to capture her about the waist and bring her close while kissing her senseless again, but the gentleman settled for a teasing reply, “Well, if I cannot earn forgiveness, do you wish to extract penance?”

“In due time, Mr. Darcy, in due time.”

Before Mr. Darcy could reply, a maid brought in tea and some pastries, presumably requested by Mrs. Collins, though the maid fled before they could inquire, undoubtedly due to the recent displays. Elizabeth began to pour the tea and offered for him to sit, puzzling Darcy by her seemingly indifferent actions at such a time.

“Mr. Darcy, you questioned my sister’s affections as she did not give enough outward display of them to appease your observation. How shall a woman act to reassure the man? Shall one seek to accidentally touch him?” As she spoke she handed him a cup filled with tea, intentionally allowing her fingers to gently graze his. He shivered.

“Oh, dear, I forgot to put the sugar in” she reached for the cup again and her fingers touched his once more. She stood slightly to accomplish her task, allowing her napkin fall. Returning his now sweetened tea to his hand she spoke again, “Or perhaps she should try put her charms on display more often? How clumsy of me! I dropped my napkin.” She then bent low to retrieve it. Darcy groaned.

“Perhaps she should not hesitate to flatter and compliment the man? My father excelled in debate at Cambridge, I should think you did as well. I have found your arguments most persuasive.” Darcy could take no more. His tea cup, which had not even made it to his mouth as it stood agape in a stupefied manner, was put down with a clang and in an instant he was next to her on the sofa wrapping his arms around her again.

After a long, deep kiss Darcy breathed, “Elizabeth, you are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but though we must still marry, one word from you will silence me on this subject forever.”

Elizabeth desired another kiss before answering but Darcy would not allow it, sighing she replied, “My feelings are much altered. I see now you are the best man of my acquaintance and my feelings are quite overwhelmed.”

Darcy leaned forward for a kiss, but then turned and whispered in her ear, “In that case, allow me to tell you how I have envisioned our children. Daughters with their mother’s curly hair and expressive eyes, sons full of liveliness.” He trailed kisses from her ear down her neck.

Moaning from his ministrations Elizabeth murmured, “Oh, and how many children do you envision for us?”

“At least six, my dear and I am certain it shall take much practice to become a true proficient as my aunt would say.”

Shocked at such blatant forwardness but refusing to show any sign of intimidation Elizabeth playfully replied, “Now, sir, about your penance….”

And so it was that even Lady Catherine had to agree it would be best for our dear couple to marry in haste.

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  1. Having found this linked to the August snippet I am delighted with this interplay of teasing and frolicsome behavior on the part of both Elizabeth and Darcy…ooooh, I love a forceful man! And she. to our amazement here, is quick on the draw to respond both intellectually and physically. Love it. Thanks.


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