Reading Saturday

I’m supposed to be writing a lot this weekend, but after a few months of not feeling like reading, I’m thrilled that in the last few weeks I’ve wanted to read again! Thanks, Zoloft! So, I’m going to have to pencil in some time this weekend.

Tempted by a Lady's SmileI’ve got Christi Caldwell’s latest, Tempted by a Lady’s Smile. I LOVE the way Christi writes romance. I want to be her when I grow up. 🙂

I’ve also got Elizabeth Ann West’s new release, To Capture Mr. Darcy. Be sure to check out her launch party on Facebook! I’ll be hosting from 3-5 EST tonight (4/30) and announcing winners to my giveaway! You can still enter that here.

And I think I might reread Undercover by Cat Gardiner again. If you have to ask why, just check out my blog post from last week about it!

What are your reading plans for the weekend?


3 thoughts on “Reading Saturday

  1. Yes, that is a good one to reread. I usually wait until I have reached my goal for the year on GR and then I definitely reread a lot of favorites. If I post a 5 stars on a review that means it is going to be reread. Some 4 stars get the same but 5 stars are definite rereads.


  2. I can certainly understand the desire to read Undercover again Rose. I have just finished it for the first time and could happily start again.


  3. I love Christi’s books and you have chosen a good one to read. I have not read Undercover, but with these endorsements, it looks like I need to add it to my TBR list.


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