Music Monday!

For 2018, I thought I’d shake things up some and swap out Motivational Monday for Music Monday. I snatched the idea from my good friend and awesomesauce author Leenie Brown. Read all about her amazing books and blog posts here:

In college, I worked at a classical radio station. Antonin Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was one of my all time favorites. Despite currently living in North Carolina (to change soon!) we got a few inches of snow last week and had below freezing temperatures. The result was snow and ice remaining for days and days as there were insufficient snow plows and salt in addition to the lack of heat. It reminded me of when I lived in Alaska, actually! Thankfully, we are now back to normal temps for the area and the snow is melting away, kids are back in school, and roads are returning to normal.

For your listening pleasure, “Winter” from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

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