Thursday Three Hundred- Jealous Desire


Rose Letter

This week’s blog theme is Caroline Bingley’s jealous of Elizabeth Bennet. Be sure to check out the earlier posts this week! Girl Crush as served as the song inspiration for this story. Additionally, I have finally reached my goal of limiting the story to only three hundred words!

Jealous Desire

 I watch her smile and your eyes fixate on her ruby lips. When she walks by, you lean in to catch her lavender fragrance. Elizabeth pushes a long curl away from her face as she searches through the music books. I could play all those tunes with my eyes closed and she skips the difficult parts. Still, you applaud her loudly. Your eyes caress her as she sings.

Does she know the taste of your lips? Has she felt the touch of your hand? Have you cupped her cheek and whispered words of love in her ear?


Angry at your obvious admiration for her, I point out all her flaws. Her teeth are not as dazzling white as mine. Her figure is flawed. Countless times I have seen her spurn your attention and offer for assistance. She cares only for herself—or she did. Now, she meets your gaze and a light blush crosses her cheeks. Now, she checks her speech in your company. When your eyes are focused elsewhere, hers linger on your face. A yearning sigh escaped her lips when her aunt announced their need to leave.

Rather than make you see how wrong Elizabeth is, I have enraged you. When you declared her one of the handsomest ladies of your acquaintance, it cut like a knife to my heart. I can’t sleep because of her. Dark circles have formed under my eyes as I question when you will make your offer.

I can never be her. Oh, I wish I could. If I drowned in her perfume, would you notice me then? If I wore my hair just like hers, would it be me you desire? If only her bewitching magic transfer to me for a minute. I hate Elizabeth Bennet with a jealous desire.


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