Rapid Romance Reads: 1/7/20

I tried to start this series last year but couldn’t keep it up because of my MS attack/diagnosis. I’m feeling quite a bit better and am better about budgeting my time, so I think I can try this again. 🙂

The goal of Rapid Romance Reads is to bring attention to new releases (90 days) that are shorter than novels. Novellas and Short Stories are worthy reads as well, and something I find myself preferring these days as I have less and less time!

Please bear in mind that I am one person and do not have infinite time on my hands. I will definitely miss releases. If you see one that you would like added, please let me know and I can get it in the next week.

Disclaimer: I have not read these books. I am simply providing links to them. I have attempted to weed out ones that looked like they were from fake authors (triple spacing or lots of free content in the back). I can’t guarantee that something I list isn’t from a fake account. I also do not know the heat content or writing skill. Please do your own due diligence before purchasing. Use the “look inside” feature and/or download a sample.

I’ve used Books 2 Read links so readers can choose their preferred vendor and country site. These are not affiliate links and I receive nothing from this post.

Christmas with Darcy: Christmas with Jane 1-3 by Rose Fairbanks

All Mr. Darcy wants for Christmas is Elizabeth Bennet.

Christmas with Darcy is a bundle of three previously released works, each featuring happily ever afters for Darcy and Elizabeth with a holiday twist.

The short stories in Once Upon a December are perfect to read during a hot cocoa and cookie break. Mr. Darcy’s Miracle at Longbourn takes our dear couple and their loved ones on unexpected twists in an adventure that requires assistance from time. Darcy’s heart grows three times its size when he falls in love with Elizabeth in How Darcy Saved Christmas.

Cozy up next to the fire with your favorite blanket and slippers as you treat yourself to Christmas with Darcy today!


First Blooms and Second Chances (Nature’s Fury and Delights 2) by Leenie Brown

Dashed hopes, broken hearts, fumbling steps…

Whether in its first bloom or presenting itself a second time, securing love can be a challenge.

Hope at Dawn  

Nicholas Sidemore’s heart was torn from him a year ago when his offer was refused and the lady he loved sailed away. Today, at dawn, she returns. But has he waited and hoped in vain?

Dispelling the Fog

Ever since a scoundrel broke her heart three years ago, Madeline Adcock has been searching in vain for a gentleman to both love and trust. In fact, she has nearly given up hope of ever breaking free of the fog of uncertainty which engulfs her. However, with the help of her brother and his best friend, love just might chase that fog away forever.

Apple Blossoms and Whispering Hearts

Thomas Prescott is awkward and believes himself destined by such to remain a bachelor, but then, he met her. Can he overcome his view of himself to believe that someone as lovely as Clara Watson might actually prefer him to all others?

A Lily in Midwinter

A misdirected letter sets a scheme in motion which, when it draws to its conclusion, should see Frederick George happily trapped. However, if he discovers the scheming, the outcome might be as bleak as a midwinter’s day.

First Blooms and Second Chances is the second volume in Leenie Brown’s Nature’s Fury and Delights series of thirty-minute read collection. If you love stories that allow you to escape to a Regency world where the characters come alive and the romance is always sweet, then, grab your copy of First Blooms and Second Chances and get wrapped up in the first blushes and warm renewals of love.


Addie: To Wager on Her Future (Other Pens, Mansfield Park 5) by Leenie Brown

Whoever said nothing ventured, nothing gained never had her heart on the line…

Adela Atwood grew up immersed in the world of horse breeding and racing. She comes from a family of risk-takers. Ignoring the usual rearing for a girl, her father allowed Addie to take the reins of her own destiny, and she has sat in life’s saddle ever since. Unfortunately, her brother is also a gambler and, unlike Addie, is no stranger to losing. This time, however, it is more than mere pounds at stake as Addie’s beloved horse and maybe even her brother’s life are caught up in the bargain.

Robert Eldridge was also raised surrounded by horses. In fact, he is the owner of a stable of animals which have often placed well in the races at Newcastle. When his friend nearly died the previous year, he learned that sometimes when you gamble, you lose, and some things are more precious than money.

With her father lying at death’s door and her brother facing a formidable adversary, Addie’s life is set on end. Robert, who is visiting the Atwood’s neighbors at Mansfield Park, feels compelled to offer his assistance in helping sort out the mess Addie’s brother has created.

What should have been a simple scheme to rid the Atwoods of a problem, draws Robert in and places him in a precarious position that will require them to combine their talents if they hope to have a chance at success against their foe. However, Addie knows all too well that losses are part of the gamble. Many things are irreplaceable in life, but her heart would be the most precious thing of all to lose.

Addie: To Wager on Her Future is the fifth episode in Leenie Brown’s Other Pens, Mansfield Park series of books. If you like well-written sweet Regency romance determined and brave heroines where trouble abounds, then you will enjoy this story about risking it all to claim what is truly most dear.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of Addie: To Wager on Her Future, and discover with Addie and Robert that some wagers are well-worth the risk.


Darcy’s Christmas Compromise by Zoe Burton

An injured hand leads to a frantic rescue. Can it also lead to love?

While visiting Derbyshire with her relatives for the Christmas season, Elizabeth Bennet meets a handsome young man who makes her heart race.

Fitzwilliam Darcy hosts friends for a few weeks at Christmas and meets a beautiful and fascinating young woman at an assembly ball. Every touch of their hands sends a tingle to his heart.

Accidentally and severely injured, Darcy is aided by Elizabeth in a surprising way that leads to startling consequences neither anticipated.

Set the Christmas before Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Darcy’s Christmas Compromise is the third JAFF holiday novella from Zoe Burton. If you like brave heroines, honorable gentlemen, and juicy gossip, you’ll love this story. Pick up Darcy’s Christmas Compromise today to enjoy with your favorite cup of hot cocoa.


Willful in Winter by Scarlett Scott

Rand, Viscount Aylesford, needs a fiancée, and he needs one now. His requirements are concise: she must not embarrass him, and she must understand he has no intention of ever marrying her.

Miss Grace Winter is the most stubborn of the notorious Wicked Winters. When her brother decrees she must marry well, she is every bit as determined to avoid becoming a nobleman’s wife. She would never marry a lord, especially not one as arrogant and insufferable as Aylesford.

But pretending is another matter entirely. She has to admit the viscount’s idea of a feigned betrothal between them would not be without its merits. Until Aylesford kisses her, and to her dismay, she likes it.

Soon, their mutually beneficial pretense blossoms into something far more dangerous to both their hearts…

Length: Novella

Heat level: Scorching Hot


A Lord Undone (Spinsters Guild Book 5) by Rose Pearson

Lady Beatrice Thornton is surrounded by gossip.

Her drunken father has made it known that there is some question over the legitimacy of her birth and now she can barely lift her head in society. Desperate for aid, she is more than grateful for the assistance of Lady Smithton, who promises that she will help her find a husband.

Whilst seeking solace in a bookshop one afternoon, Beatrice is astonished to discover a mysterious note slipped in between the pages of a book. Knowing she should not keep it, she cannot help but take it home, hoping that it will take her mind from her difficult circumstances.

Frederick, Earl of Greaves, is a stickler for propriety. It is all the more irritating to him that he has had to step into an unscrupulous situation in order to rescue his brother. What makes matters worse is that the last note has somehow gone missing and that, somehow, a young lady has become entwined in it too!

Determined he will have to remove her from this situation at once, Fredrick goes in search of her and discovers that he may have to involve himself with her more fully than he ever intended.

This book is the final book of a series called The Spinsters Guild, a group of unusual ladies who are almost “on the shelf”. Can Lady Emily help them find their perfect match?


A Happy Accident by Amelia Wood

Elizabeth Bennet never thought she would see Fitzwilliam Darcy again. And only the understanding that he is away from home allows her the freedom to explore the peaks around Pemberley, his magnificent estate in Derbyshire.

But as Elizabeth as navigating the treacherous ground on her return to Lambton, she and Darcy come upon one another unexpectedly. Her shock caused Elizabeth to lose her footing and stumble.

Darcy never thought he would have a greater shock than seeing Elizabeth Bennet exploring his lands only weeks after she broke his heart. That was until he had the shock of seeing her lose her footing and stumble from his sight.

While Darcy cares for Elizabeth’s injuries at Pemberley, the two tentatively grow closer as they explore the misunderstandings and the growing feelings between them. But not everyone is pleased by Elizabeth’s stay at Pemberley. And they are prepared to do all they can to keep them apart. Even if it means corrupting their own honour and destroying the happiness of Elizabeth and Darcy forever.


God Rest Ye Merry Spinster by Rebecca Connolly

Christmas is here, and Elinor Asheley’s entire family has gathered at their country estate to celebrate. But when her arch nemesis arrives at the estate by chance, warm wishes and the holiday spirit are the last things on her mind. Elinor is determined to protect her family from him no matter how changed he claims to be.

When the winter weather strands Hugh Sterling at the estate of the woman who hates him most in the world, his only wish is to escape the place unscathed. He is not the man he once was, and he will do everything he can to prove that to Elinor. But nothing can prepare him for the changes that spending his holiday with her will bring.


Dear Nameless Stranger by Jeannie Peneaux

“Please admire my docile and obedient nature. I will not thank you for providing us with a home, nor will I even breathe a word of gratitude for your provision of such funds as will feed us each quarter. I will not even write such platitudes as ‘You are very good,’ given that you have also provided us with respectability in the form of Mrs. Ingles. There. I am quite done now with not expressing my gratitude – I should not at all wish to prove tiresome.”

From the author of Tact, Dear Nameless Stranger is a heartwarming tale inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Jean Webster’s Daddy Long Legs. Tragedy has struck the Bennet sisters but they are greatly relieved when the anonymous kindness of a stranger means that they can remain together. In exchange for such charity, a monthly letter is required from each sister. It is a fortunate thing that Miss Elizabeth Bennet rather likes letter-writing, for she relishes the opportunity to relate to this unknown gentleman all her impressions and opinions regarding her changed circumstances.

With each passing month Elizabeth confides more in the nameless stranger, and by the time Netherfield Park is once again occupied by the amiable Mr. Bingley and his friend Mr. Darcy, she is quite frank in writing of her dismay.


Penny’s Yuletide Wish by Sally Britton

When Penny and Robert meet again on Christmas Eve, will their childhood love bloom into something more? They only have the Twelve Days of Christmas to find out.

Robert Ellsworth, born the son of a wealthy gentleman, is now a mere steward in the service of another. While his position brings him satisfaction, it does not make him much of a matrimonial catch. It hardly matters, as Robert’s heart has long belonged to his childhood friend. When a chance meeting brings them face to face on Christmas Eve, he cannot bring himself to hope that she feels the same.

When she lost her parents years before, Penelope Clark also lost contact with her dearest friend. Visiting the community where she grew up, Penny is taken aback by how handsome Robert has grown, and how little her girlhood infatuation has diminished. But when a Christmas Ball leads to a mistletoe kiss him, she finds herself as much in love as ever before. Unfortunately for her, Robert confesses his heart already belongs to a mysterious woman.

Through the Twelve Days of Christmas, Penny and Robert each make a wish for the other’s happiness. Will they realize only confessing their hearts will grant those wishes before their time together is spent?

Penny’s Yuletide Wish is a sweet Regency romance novella, and continuation of the Branches of Love series by Sally Britton. It can be read as a stand-alone romance.


The Best is Yet to Be by Kathryn Le Veque

The story every Le Veque reader has been waiting for…

Paris de Norville (The Wolfe) and Jemma Scott Hage (The Wolfe) find love in their sunset years… with each other?!

It seems like an impossible suggestion. Paris and Jemma first met in The Wolfe, in a fiery explosion of temper and taunting – her temper mostly because he was taunting. Handsome and arrogant in his youth, Paris was a powerful knight, second in command to the great William de Wolfe, and found great sport in taunting a Scots captive named Jemma Scott.

Pretty, green-eyed Jemma was the oil to his water. The fire to his ice. Perhaps the sparks that flew between them at first were those of attraction, but soon another knight had Jemma’s attention and Paris was relegated to a role of both friend and tormenter. He affectionately called her ‘banshee’ and what she called him is not fit for delicate ears.

It was a like/hate relationship for the ages.

The years passed and Paris married Jemma’s cousin, Caladora. They had a wonderful marriage but sickness took Caladora from him and Jemma lost her beloved husband, Kieran.

Missing Kieran, and missing Caladora, now it is Paris and Jemma again in their twilight years as the sparks that flew between them so long ago are rekindled.

Find out how sweet and romantic love the second time can be as two widowers discover that life is worth living again… with each other. Love can be passionate and powerful, no matter what the age.

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be…”


Her Christmas Rogue by Christi Caldwell

Almost four years ago, I released Her Christmas Rogue as part of a limited edition 3-month holiday set, A Very Matchmaker Christmas. Now, for the first time since that collection, Her Christmas Rogue will be back in publication. The story now features a new prologue, an epilogue, and enhanced scenes!

I hope you enjoy this sweet Regency romance sure to have you smiling and sighing this holiday season!

~Christi Caldwell

Her Christmas Rogue

Lady Winifred Grisham has been in love with her brother’s best friend Lord Trent Ballantine more years than she can remember. The only problem is, Trent is a notorious rogue who doesn’t dally with the respectable. Except, Winnie doesn’t want a dalliance–she wants his heart.

Born to a miserable family, Lord Trent has found joy and comfort in the folds of his best friend’s family. Except, over the years he’s begun to notice something. Winnie who he’d always seen as another sister, is in fact something more–a captivating woman. Now, loving Winnie as he does, Trent knows she deserves more than a rogue in her life. With Winnie’s mother rushing her off to try and make a match at Lady Weston’s annual Christmastide house party, Winnie has but a few days to show Trent, that all she needs is his love.

Is this the Season where anything can happen?


Mrs. Darcy’s Fine Eyes by Lory Lilian

“Mrs Darcy’s Fine Eyes” is a novella-length P&P variation. Sweet, amusing, low angst, recommended for a mature audience only.

It is a standalone story; however, being the second book in the “Hot Mush Series”, it would be better enjoyed after reading “Yearning for You”.

Blurb: Recently wedded, Elizabeth and Darcy are enjoying their blissful marriage, while slowly adjusting to their new life. Witty, lively, happy and very much in love, sheltered under her husband’s ardent love and tender protection, Mrs Darcy is claiming her position in London’s society, facing both approval and reprobation with equal strength and confidence.

For more than ten years, Lory Lilian has been called “The Queen of Hot Mush” within the JAFF community. The “Hot Mush Series” is recommended for those who enjoy a quick read and hot romance. It contains descriptive, intimate scenes, but they are not graphic or vulgar!

The third book in the series – “Mr. Darcy’s Proper Behaviour” – will be published in late January 2020.


To Fall for a Kiss by Tamara Gish

Lady Clara Quinton is loved and admired by all. She has no enemies–excluding Mr. Stephen Grant. After an atrocious encounter with Stephen during her first season, Clara vowed to never befriend him or any member of his family. But when Mr. Grant saves her in Covent Garden from a relentless and lively admirer, Clara falters in her promise.

Disliking everything about the social sphere he now graces–including Lady Clara–Stephen wants nothing more than to steer clear of the indulged and impolite woman. Her contempt of him and his family has been made known all over the town. However, after coming to her aid one night in London, the vowed enemies come to a truce.

Now, a landlord at the property adjacent to her country estate, a storm leaves him stranded at the duke’s home. Uncovering Lady Clara’s secrets and vulnerabilities changes the way he sees the privileged woman. Will this newfound knowledge force him to see her through different and admiring eyes? And will Clara see there is more to Stephen than his lack of noble birth…


The MacLeod Pirate by Caroline Lee

The Black Banner is the Western Isles’ most notorious pirate…and he’s about to meet his match!

Book 4 in “The Sinclair Jewels” is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Citrine is the last Sinclair Jewel left with any chance to save her clan, and she’s not about to fail them. But when she’s a victim of mistaken identity and taken prisoner by a gorgeous—and completely maddening—pirate captain, Citrine is afraid she’s missed her opportunity. She discovers the Black Banner holds one of her family’s long-lost jewels, and he refuses to tell her why. Could their pasts–and futures–be somehow connected?

Rory MacLeod is the youngest son of a powerful laird and is happy to let others rule as he spends his life at sea…as the Scourge of the Minch, the fierce pirate known as the Black Banner. When his father signs a betrothal contract with the Sinclair laird, Rory has no intention of following through with it. Little does he realize the beautiful firebrand he’s just kidnapped is the woman he’s supposed to marry!

Together, Citrine and the Black Banner might be able to solve one mystery…but the real threat to the future of the Sinclair’s is back at home.

A lifetime of secrets, a hidden identity, and a bitter hatred will all come to light in this final piece of the gripping Sinclair Jewels saga!


Seeing Mary by Sarah Adams

One gaze across the ballroom changed my life forever.

Lady Mary Ashburn intends to end her Season in London the same way she has ended her past four Seasons—as a single independent woman. If it weren’t for her determination to help her friend make a match, she wouldn’t be in London at all. Spending the rest of her days as a spinster sounds vastly more enjoyable than having her heart ripped out and humiliated like it was during her first Season. Risking that fate a second time is not worth opening her heart up to anyone.

At least, that’s how she feels before the mysterious earl, Lord Robert Hatley, arrives in London and fills her life with a romance like she’s never known before. Torn between her growing feelings for Robert and her fear that his intentions might not be true, she must decide if she is willing to risk her heart again.

Her choice only gets more difficult to make when her first love reappears with a changed heart and a determination to win her trust and affection again. Finally receiving love from the man she could never quite let go of could not have come at a worse time.

Mary must choose between three different paths, each one at a cost that she fears will be too great.


Marquess Under the Mistletoe Jillian Eaton

t’s a family tradition. Every single Appleton sister has met her husband at their parent’s annual Christmas ball. Every single sister except for Honora, that is. Determined to maintain her independence, the last thing the youngest Appleton sister wants is to be caught kissing a marquess under the mistletoe. She’s quite happy sipping warm cider and watching everyone else fall in love, thank you very much.

Then a handsome stranger arrives and suddenly the cider is no longer the hottest thing in the room. As sparks begin to fly, will Honora be the first in her family to break tradition…or follow in her sister’s footsteps and run towards the nearest mistletoe?

Find out in Marquess Under the Mistletoe, a delightful Regency Christmas novella by best-selling author Jillian Eaton!


A Stitch in Time by Amelia C. Adams

Miriam Brown has been traveling the country the last five years, searching for a sense of belonging, but now she’s coming home to Topeka, where her grandmother has been waiting for her. She has no idea how long she’ll stay before wanderlust strikes her again. She only knows that she can’t outrun the pain she’s carrying inside her.

Toby Johnson has loved one girl his entire life – Miriam Brown. He thought they’d marry as soon as he graduated from college, but when she left Topeka without saying a word, his dreams were crushed. Now she’s back, and he wonders if this is their second chance. If only Miriam would speak to him instead of sending him away over and over again.

When the elderly women of the sewing circle hear of this ill-fated romance, they decide to give destiny a little bit of help – and there’s no limit to what grandmothers will do when the happiness of their grandchildren is at stake.

This historical romance novel is the first in a new series set in the world of Amelia C. Adams’ bestselling Kansas Crossroads.


Saving the Broken Highlander by Ann Marie Scott

Can the woman he saved, help him find his soul?

Caitlyn Brodie finds herself helpless and scared to death when her carriage breaks down, and her beloved mother is hurt.

Fortunately, a castle is nearby, and Laird Alastair Duncan comes to their aid. Caitlyn despises him immediately.

He may be brave and imposing, but this man is also curt, overbearing and unable to open up to women.

Was it up to her, she wouldn’t choose to spend an hour with him, but at this point, he is her only hope for saving her mother.

When they reach his castle, she can not imagine what is concealed inside.

In one of the rooms, Caitlyn will find a fragile and isolated young lass who had not seen the sunlight for months. That’s what’s left from Ava, Alastair’s beautiful sister after bandits attempted to rape her.

The two of them come close, and Ava will decides to reveal the truth about her brother’s tormented past and the horrendous games of fate that shaped his character.

Caitlyn has never met a person she can’t touch with her kind heart, but this man seems to have lost all lust for life.

When the bandits that attacked Ava return, Alastair, will have to face his external and internal demons or lose everything he loves.


Fine Eyes, Wild Temper by JT Hunt

n unexpected meeting of three characters wandering on the Hertfordshire grounds, each of them disliking at least one of the others, will allow Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to know each other better and amend their harsh first impression.

Miss Bennet’s unguarded behaviour, outspoken and obstinate nature, headstrong opinions and unladylike inclinations for solitary walks do not meet with Mr. Darcy’s image of an accomplished lady. But a pair of fine eyes on a pretty face, a loyal heart, a witty mind and a teasing smile will soon defeat his resistance and overcome his opposition, inducing him to pursue Elizabeth’s friendship and then her love.

The first lesson he will learn in the process is that taming a wild temper is not an easy task.

“Fine Eyes, Wild Temper” is a sweet, novella-length story of approximately 20.000 words, clean and low angst, recommended to those who love Elizabeth, Darcy and pets.


The Courtesan’s Daughter and the Gentleman (Merry Misfits of Bath Book 2) by Callie Hutton

Must she pay for the sins of her mother?

Miss Charlotte Danvers has just received a life-altering shock. After spending most of her life in France in an elite school for girls, first as a student, and then as a teacher, she decides to return to London and take up residence with her mother.

When she arrives at her mother’s townhouse in London, she is stunned to discover that the woman who raised her is the well-known courtesan, Mrs. Danforth.

After an angry and tearful confrontation with her mother, Charlotte leaves London and makes her home in Bath. All goes well until she meets Mr. Carter Westbrooke, close friend and business partner of Charlotte’s best friend’s husband, Lord Berkshire.

After only a few weeks, Mr. Westbrooke declares his intentions to Charlotte to make her his wife.

She can be no one’s wife but cannot bring herself to tell him why. Must she run again?


Sophia and the Duke (Forever Yours book 7) by Stacy Reid

After losing the family she loved, Miss Sophia Knightly lives a carefree and unrestricted life; her tomorrows are promised to no one. The last thing she expected was William Astor, the Duke of Wycliffe, to create the scandal of the Season by chasing after her at a ball.

William is the most compelling and sensual man Sophia has ever known, but she is not interested in resuming their kisses, guileless conversations, or his promises of forever. The duke, however, has other ideas…

William has vowed to have no other woman than Sophia Knightly and is willing to do whatever it takes to possess her. It started with a kiss, then a wicked invitation, and now there is no going back.

Soon the walls around Sophia’s heart are crumbling . . . and she realizes the greatest adventure might be right in front of her!


Mistletoe and Mischief: a P&P Christmas Anthology by Jann Rowland, Colin Rowland, Leila Eye

For those who want to curl up by the fire at Christmastime with short stories inspired by Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, authors Jann Rowland, Lelia Eye, and Colin Rowland bring you this anthology of eleven stories. Dive right in and enjoy, among several others, the following:


When Fitzwilliam Darcy joins Mr. Bingley before Christmas with his sister in tow, he discovers they have been invited to a Christmas party at Longbourn. Though it is an amusement Darcy dreads, he discovers love through the interference of a beloved sister and a parasitic plant.


Elizabeth agrees to marry Mr. Collins out of the desire to save her family. However, visits to Mr. Collins from well-meaning spirits on Christmas Eve could very well transform her feelings of despair on Christmas morning into joy.


Elizabeth receives Mr. Darcy’s reluctant permission to decorate Pemberley manor for the Christmas holiday. It is her observance of a most cherished holiday tradition that threatens their love.


To Want a Rogue: De Wolfe Pack Connected World by Tammy Andreson

He was a dark de Wolfe and she was too desperate to deny him…

Delia had never been more frightened in her life. Sprinting through the rain, she comes upon the only oasis in the storm, a dark castle with stone wolves at that gate. She doesn’t want to enter but she doesn’t have much choice. With her brother trapped in their carriage, she needs help. But the man she finds inside the castle… it’s not clear if he’s her angel or a devil.

Lord Gavin deWolfe knows his old castle is off-putting, in fact, he prefers it that way. After the loss of his wife, he wishes to shut out the world. That is until a wet and pathetic girl lands in a puddle on his floor. He’ll help her and then send her on her way. The problem, her brother’s too injured to travel and she is no girl after all.

She’s all woman and she stirs feelings in him he thought long dead.


That’s What Makes it Love by Iris Lim

Beauty lies, more often than not, in the eye of the beholder. But what happens when a certain Derbyshire gentleman sees things in a completely different way?

A childhood illness leaves Fitzwilliam Darcy with physical limitations that keep him from seeing the world as it is. When his trust is challenged again and again by those dearest to him, will he ever recover enough to discover his own path to true love?

Explore an alternate reality where Elizabeth Bennet strikes up an unlikely friendship with a blind Mr. Darcy – only to find herself armed with unique perspectives that will challenge both him and her in how they view themselves, their loved ones, and the world at large.


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