Rapid Romance Reads 1/14/20

I hope you’re having a great week! I found some new novella and short story Historical Romances for you! I’m putting most of these on my TBR pile. Tell me which ones make it to yours!

Disclaimer: I have not read these books. I am simply providing links to them. I have attempted to weed out ones that looked like they were from fake authors (triple spacing or lots of free content in the back). I can’t guarantee that something I list isn’t from a fake account. I also do not know the heat content or writing skill. Please do your own due diligence before purchasing. Use the “look inside” feature and/or download a sample.

I’ve used Books 2 Read links so readers can choose their preferred vendor and country site. These are not affiliate links and I receive nothing from this post. 

Haunted & Revered: The Scotsman’s Destined Love (Love’s Second Chance Book 15) by Bree Wolf

In this magical Highland romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author Bree Wolf, a seer’s prediction threatens to tear apart a Scotsman’s fierce heart by separating him from the only woman he’s ever loved.

A proud Scotsman. A determined lass. And a fight like no other.

Scotland 1811: ALASTAIR BRUNWOOD, a tall and proud warrior of a fierce Highland clan, finds himself shattered by the loss of his wee daughter. Determined to harden his heart, he retreats from his loving wife, existing as a mere shadow of himself.

Until the threat of a new love for Deidre arrives on the horizon.

DEIDRE BRUNWOOD has loved her stubborn husband all her life. He makes her knees go weak and sets her blood on fire. Never will she believe that her heart could ever be conquered by another. And yet, a seer whispers of a new love that will find her by the old ruins up on the cliff top on the day marked by a blue flower.

While Alastair forces himself to grant her this chance for happiness, Deidre is far from willing to accept it. If she must, she will fight him, fight Fate itself because her heart’s choice was made long ago.

And then the day of the blue flower arrives…


A Viscount is a Girl’s Best Friend (The Impossible Balfours Book 3) by Gemma Blackwood

Lady Edith Balfour has not eloped with her dearest friend, Lord Rotherham. But persuading him, her family, and her own heart to believe that is proving unexpectedly difficult…

The lively, accident-prone Edith has never been the proper young lady her family would like her to be. She would rather travel the world and live a life of adventure than settle down with a suitable gentleman.

The only person who truly understand her dreams is Lord Rotherham, her closest friend and confidant. Nathaniel would be everything Edith needed, if only his own dreams were not so firmly rooted in England. As it is, Edith wouldn’t risk losing his friendship for anything – no matter what wonderful feelings he stirs inside her.

Nathaniel Townsend, the young Viscount Rotherham, has striven for years to escape from his guardian’s restrictive influence. Ambitious and determined, he means to become a powerful force in the House of Lords. Edith’s friendship is the only thing that has ever soothed his frustrated soul. He knows that one day she’ll break free of London society – and he dreads to think how much he’ll miss her.

When a family emergency forces Edith to travel north alone, Nathaniel defies his guardian to accompany her. It’s an adventure that could cost him dearly, but he is determined to declare his independence at last. Besides, he has never been able to say no to Edith’s sparkling eyes or dimpled smile.

It’s not an elopement. It’s simply two good friends enjoying an adventure together. And, perhaps, indulging in one or two dangerously delicious kisses…

This is the third book in the series The Impossible Balfours. You do not have to read the other books to enjoy this one, but there are some connections between the books which will reward readers of the whole series.


Thaw by Anniina Sjöblom

It is a truth universally acknowledged that one false step can involve a lady in endless ruin. On a rainy November day in 1811, Miss Elizabeth Bennet finds herself wondering why no one ever bothered to tell her about this.

A few blithe steps on a morning walk, taken after a succession of rain, lead to unexpected events that irrevocably change the course of Elizabeth’s life, placing her fate in the hands of the haughty and conceited Mr. Darcy – the last man in the world she had ever thought to marry.

As long winter days slowly pass, she writes letters to her loved ones, trying to come to terms with her new role as a wife and the Mistress of Pemberley. But can she ever learn to love her husband? Will he overcome his arrogant notions of rank and circumstance?

And most importantly – will the shades of Pemberley ever recover from being thus polluted?

This novella is based on the beloved characters of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


Highlander’s Trusted Traitor: A Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance Historical Novel by Alisa Adams

A wolf in sheep’s clothing will still kill when given the chance.

Keith is a young and vigorous Highlander, eager to prove himself in battle, but it seems like all the great wars have been fought.

Rose is a lovely looking English girl who can’t wait to get married to the man of her dreams and finally have her own household.

When their paths cross, Keith feels like thunder hit him! Yet he knows that he is the last man Rose would ever marry.

Desperately trying to get her out of his mind, Keith wonders through the castle and witnesses something that would make Rose faint!

Keith will use all the courage he has to tell Rose the truth. The result? Not only does Rose not believe him, but she sees him as the treacherous liar.

Thus, still hidden in the shadows, Rose’s most trusted companion is beyond suspicion planning to kill her…

Will Rose finally trust her only true ally or will she condemn herself to doom?


The Highlander’s Angel: a medieval buddy-cop romance (The Highland Angels Book 1) by Caroline Lee

Three beautiful agents for the Crown. Three prime suspects. One sinister plot to destroy a fledgling kingdom… Meet the Queen’s Angels!

When Robert the Bruce’s queen formed the Angels, an elite group of spies masquerading as her ladies-in-waiting, she probably didn’t imagine they’d be called on to save her life. But that’s what happens when Queen Elizabeth is entertaining the Fraser delegation.

Luckily, her lady Courtney is deadly with a bow, and recognizes the assassin. Court’s history with the band of thieves and murderers who raised her means she has a very different skill set than most women in the queen’s retinue, and she’s not afraid to employ it. But she is used to working alone, and the idea of being saddled with an unwanted partner–particularly when that man is gorgeous, dangerous, and a prime suspect–is galling.

Ross Fraser, the queen’s longtime bodyguard, can’t believe one of his kinsmen could be involved in this treacherous plot. He’ll do everything in his power to prove his clan is innocent of treason, even if it means partnering with a testy and deadly thief-turned-spy… One who holds his heart after that single night they spent together years ago.

Ross must choose between his loyalty to his laird and his loyalty to his heart, as Court’s reuniting with her “family” makes her question everything she thought she understood. When metal hits meat, can this unlikely duo learn to trust each other, or will the plot to bring down the Scottish monarchy succeed?

Warning: Contains a bad@ss heroine, an adorable sheepdog with more hair than sense, and some super-steamy scenes.


One Night at Netherfield Park: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Ava Adams

How can she feel such passion for a man she despises?

Elizabeth Bennet cannot wait to return home to Longbourn. Her stay at Netherfield Park while her sister, Jane, recovers from her illness, has been long and tedious, especially when the proud and unsociable Mr Darcy insists on sitting in the same room as her for hours at a time without speaking. When the rain briefly relents, she hurries outside to enjoy the fresh air before the weather worsens.

Mr Darcy wishes he could stay away from Elizabeth. Her low connections mean marriage to her is out of the question, yet he is drawn to her like a man bewitched. But when she fails to return from her walk before dark, he rushes out to find her, knowing where her habits will draw her.

Forced to find shelter for the night, Elizabeth and Darcy struggle to keep warm despite the potential scandal of being alone together. But the bitter cold compels them to stay close and leads to a response neither of them expected. And when they are found together, Elizabeth accepts she has no choice but to marry the man she has despised up until now.

But there are people close to them who are even more unhappy about the forced marriage than Elizabeth is. And when Elizabeth is offered an alternative to marrying Darcy, are her growing feelings for him strong enough to overcome the pressure of those trying to separate them?

One Night at Netherfield Park is a Pride and Prejudice variation novella of approximately 30,000 words.


Grayson (Bachelors and Babies Book 8) by Linda Carroll-Bradd

A year ago, lawyer Grayson Wainwright’s brother was killed due to faulty metal bridge braces. When Grayson files a wrongful death case against a company accused of supplying shoddy materials to the Transcontinental Railroad, he relishes his chance to achieve justice. Grayson’s two witnesses intimately know the accused, Leary Riddock–one is his wife, Loraine, and the other is his secretary, Catalina del Mar.

Catalina and her husband, Joaquin, moved west from Omaha, working at various jobs for the Union Pacific. But when their infant son died, Joaquin abandoned her in Cheyenne, and Catalina was forced to support herself. She became a bookkeeper in Riddock’s construction company and soon learned her boss was not a legitimate businessman. As soon as the facts are revealed about Leary’s embezzlement, she agrees to serve as a key witness.

Then Loraine is killed right before she is scheduled to testify, and threats prove Catalina is next. Now with an orphaned infant on his hands, Grayson must move heaven and earth to protect his beautiful remaining witness…and his heart.


The Ties That Bind (The Sewing Circle Book 2) by Amelia C. Adams

Peter Thomas has never had much luck with romance. For as many times as he’s put his heart on the line, he’s been rejected, and he can’t help but wonder if perhaps being a family man isn’t in the stars for him. He tries to focus on building his career instead, but he knows he’ll never be truly happy until he has someone to share his life with.

Scarlett Carlson isn’t interested in romance at all. She’s a young widow with two small children, and every moment is spent taking care of them. When she isn’t worrying about their needs, she’s still stunned by the loss of her husband, and she doesn’t even want to think about welcoming someone new into her life. For some reason, though, Peter Thomas has decided she’s the one.

Sometimes things are meant to be, and sometimes they’re not. But fate never stopped the seven meddling grandmas of the sewing circle from putting their two cents’ worth into the pot …


A Gentleman Scorned: A Pride and Prejudice possibility by Carrie Mollenkopf

In the months following Elizabeth Bennet’s refusal of marriage to Fitzwilliam Darcy, he does his best to forget her. If Miss Elizabeth Bennet did not want him, surely there were a hundred others that did, and he would make sure that she knew exactly what had been lost. Unfortunately, love, if it is true, cannot really die, but others can definitely interfere. Seeing an opportunity to console Darcy, Caroline Bingley manifests a scheme to marry the master of Pemberley. Caught in her web of lies and deceit, Darcy finds himself engaged to a woman he cannot tolerate as honor dictates his acceptance. How will Darcy force Caroline to end her games in a way that will not lead him to the altar? Most of all, how will he convince Elizabeth of his love and devotion when he is engaged to another? Find out in A Gentleman Scorned: A Pride and Prejudice Possibility.


Elizabeth’s Covenant: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Florence Gold

Elizabeth’s Covenant is a novel of dilemmas and incertitude, focusing on Elizabeth & Darcy’s growing relationship. While at Rosings, Elizabeth agrees to marry Darcy but proposes a covenant which must be fulfilled before they marry.

A vow made in a moment of passion risks postponing or even cancelling the wedding. Tears, questions, and even lust accompany Elizabeth on her road to maturity and marriage. While Elizabeth fights the obstacles in her heart and mind, our beloved characters discover hidden truths in themselves and learn to temper their pride and overcome the prejudices.


Hazelhurst: A Regency Romance (Families of Dorset Book 4) by Martha Keyes

It started as a marriage of convenience, but falling in love has made it anything but convenient.

Fresh from the humiliating annulment of the love match she always wanted, Lady Anne Vincent meekly agrees to the marriage of convenience her father has arranged. She feels hopeful that this marriage can be one of cordial indifference, protecting her from the hurt she knows so well.

Tobias Cosgrove isn’t meant for marriage, free spirit that he is. And yet, as the only son, marry he must. He is thus relieved when his father reveals his future wife to be the calm, collected Lady Anne Vincent, for he is confident she won’t plague him with neediness or hysterics like so many of the other young women in society.

But when Lady Anne’s past reappears on their doorstep, she and Tobias are forced to confront whether a marriage of convenience is the type of marriage they wish for after all.


An Agent For Lydia (The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series Book 56) by Caroline Clemmons

When Lydia Wood is left at the altar, she believes something beyond her groom’s control has happened. Two years with no word have hardened her heart. She has to get away from her parents’ constant urging her to choose an acceptable husband and wed. Becoming a Pinkerton agent suits her plans.

Pinkerton Agent Jake Hunter has recovered from injuries that put him in a coma and a long convalescence. He realizes Lydia would have been injured had she been with him. He vows to distance himself from the one person who means the world to him to protect her.

When they are paired for an investigation of bank robbers they must follow the trail to a dangerous hang out of men on the run. Can the two successfully pull off their charade and capture the robbers or will this trip confirm Jake’s worst fears?


Duke of Daring: Regency Romance (Lords of Scandal Book 1 by Tammy Andresen

He’s known as the Duke of Daring…but is he brave enough to take on one feisty spinster?

The Duke of Darlington is on a mission. He needs to protect his secret gaming hell from a group of debutantes who’ve stumbled upon his covert business. The problem… Miss Minerva Chase is not the average lady. From the moment his compatriots assign Daring to keep watch over the fiery redhead, she begins stirring trouble. Not only is her tongue sharper than any sword he’s faced but her lips are achingly soft while she tosses barb after barb in his direction. He’d like to throttle her, or kiss her, or perhaps protect the very spirit that drives him mad.

Minnie knows a pompous, arrogant, infuriating man when she meets one and she will not be intimidated. So what if he’s a duke with a secret? She won’t bend, not even when she realizes that he pushes her away because he’s been hurt before; a hurt she’s experienced herself. And she will not give in to his will, even when his kiss lights her body to flame. But when he needs her help… well, that’s a little more difficult for a girl to refuse.

The problem is that once she’s seen his softer side, she’s in jeopardy of succumbing to the Duke of Daring. When it comes to love, is she brave enough to give away her heart?


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