Sunday Digest: Jan 13-18

If daily updates are too much for you, I will be posting a weekly update with all my posts in one place. So far, scheduling my blog posts ahead has worked well. I didn’t have a lot of time for writing on Mr. Darcy’s Grieving Wife, but I found out my thyroid levels were a little low so it will take another week or so for the fatigue to go away. I’m sometimes tempted to try and stay up late to just write as I feel sooo close to The End, but I couldn’t do that even if I tried. Listening to my body more for this last year as taught me just how badly I was treating it before. Slow and steady will be better in the short and long run.

Monday: Monday Motivation. Quote and quick blog post to start your week off right!

Tuesday: Rapid Romance Reads. This is a great post to check out if you’re looking for short stories and novellas that are new releases.

Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday. From now on, my Wednesday posts will relate to my Thursday posts.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday. Learn what happened on this day in history.

Friday: Friday Feature. Looking back at my past works. Includes and excerpt and background information that went into its inception.

Saturday: Mr. Darcy’s Grieving Wife– Chapter Twenty

2 thoughts on “Sunday Digest: Jan 13-18

  1. Take care of you. As a reader I might get impatient for the rest of the story, but I’d rather have you in good health, or as best you can, so I can enjoy your posts and your future books and know that you and your family are doing well also. ❤

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