Mr. Darcy's Grieving Wife– Chapter Twenty

I told myself if I got a chapter finished this week then I could post earlier than Saturday. Well, I didn't get to write at all until yesterday afternoon and it wasn't a complete chapter. I'm hoping next week will go better for me. I woke up late Monday through Thursday. The kids missed the … Continue reading Mr. Darcy's Grieving Wife– Chapter Twenty

Friday Feature– Mr. Darcy's Kindness

Mr. Darcy's Kindness started as a PMS-induced idea on the eve of Mother's Day. As a mother, we can go through so much for the sake of our child. I don't know a single mother who can't tell me some story that might make you weep and end the phrase with "but it was all … Continue reading Friday Feature– Mr. Darcy's Kindness

Throwback Thursday– The Battle of Corunna

The Battle of Corunna near Elvina, Spain, occurred on this day, January 14, 1809. I will not be going into the tactical specifics of this battle because I am not a military historian, and such things mostly go over my head. However, I will dwell on the background and aftermath of the battle, specifically what … Continue reading Throwback Thursday– The Battle of Corunna

Rapid Romance Reads 1/14/20

I hope you're having a great week! I found some new novella and short story Historical Romances for you! I'm putting most of these on my TBR pile. Tell me which ones make it to yours! Disclaimer: I have not read these books. I am simply providing links to them. I have attempted to weed … Continue reading Rapid Romance Reads 1/14/20

Monday Motivation– Caterpillar Moments

"Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, she began to fly." I've had a few "caterpillar moments" in my life. There have been many times that I thought the world was ending just to find myself transformed into something I never could have imagined. I chose this quote for today's Monday Motivation because last … Continue reading Monday Motivation– Caterpillar Moments