I love featuring my favorite writers! This page features guest posts, author interviews and excerpts from other authors.

I love reading by Eowyn 86
I love reading by Eowyn 86

Elizabeth Adams: Green Card

Jeanna Ellsworth: To Refine Like Silver

Sarah Johnson: Just to Hear ‘I Love You’ Leaving Bennet Behind: Chosen (Volume One)

Melanie Schertz: Author Interview + Excerpt of On the Road to Ramsgate

Cat Gardiner: Denial of Conscience outtake & character analysis

Jeanna Ellsworth: Inspired by Grace Excerpt and Editorial Review

Zoe Burton: Promises Kept Excerpt

Leenie Brown: Listen to Your Heart Excerpt

Pamela Lynne: Author Interview for Sketching Character release

Cat Gardiner: Interview and Forties Experience blog launch


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