The Desire and Obligation series is made up of A Sense of Obligation, and its sequel, Domestic Felicity.

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A Sense of Obligation

One night changes everything.

After weeks of fighting his attraction, Fitzwilliam Darcy makes an irreparable move leaving no choice but to wed Elizabeth Bennet. Charmed by a gentler side of the haughty man, Elizabeth nurtures her growing affection for him. Darcy’s faulty memory may destroy their marriage just as swiftly as it begins.

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Domestic Felicity: Love Under Fire

Ten years after Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage, life could be…well…better.

They began their marriage on shaky ground. Soon, however, misunderstandings were cleared and our couple were free to live blissfully ever after. And so they did.

Until the night Pemberley caught fire.

It’s been two years, and their Derbyshire home is still uninhabitable. The Darcys now live with various relatives. They suffer from recurrent nightmares by night and self-recriminations by day. Under the strain of life, Darcy and Elizabeth feel more apart than ever. Has their love evaporated or do they only need to nurture its fire?

Domestic Felicity