The Duchess of Clifford’s Lessons on Love is a series combining Historical Romance with actual events of the Regency Era.

Before she married, the Duchess of Clifford was a teacher at a girl’s boarding school. Miss Clara Lumley had a reputation for being cold and heartless. How could she be anything else when her heart was broken years ago? When she gets a second chance with the man who crushed her, her students see the transformative power of love and vow to only marry for love themselves. Of course, life seldom goes as planned. One by one, the young ladies have to decide between love and duty.

This is an original Regency Romance series. I will be slowly posting the stories. There is no estimated publication date at this time.

Books in this series:

Tempting Scandal

Sylvia Linwood is a most unusual lady. Acting as her brother’s land steward, she has little interest in marriage. However, when her brother falls in love, she determines to find a match that would allow her the freedom to tend to her husband’s estate. Nathaniel Gordon, the Duke of Russell, knows Sylvia is a walking scandal the first moment he meets her. Determined to give his children a better life than he had by being every inch the proper gentleman, he should marry a lady who upholds propriety with the same rigor he does. However, Sylvia is quite the temptation.

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