author picRose Fairbanks hears book characters talk in her head. They whisper to her of a time when the sun never set on the British Empire. More than having a love story for the ages, these characters face struggles inspired by historical events such as market crashes, Napoleon, embargoes, Luddites, the Year Without a Summer and more. Merging historical research with the timelessness of Jane Austen, Rose currently has ten Pride and Prejudice variations published with several releases planned for 2016 as well as an original Regency Romance series in the works.

Rose proudly admits her Darcy obsession and addictions to reading, chocolate, and sweet tea. Always in the mood for a healthy debate, she also dearly loves to laugh. Having completed a BA in history in 2008, she plans to complete her master’s studies…someday. At the moment, having a career combining her life-long interest in history and research with her love for Jane Austen and the Regency Era consumes all of her professional time. When not writing or reading, Rose runs after her two young children, ignores housework, and profusely thanks her husband for doing all the dishes and laundry.

You can connect with Rose on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “About Rose

  1. There is an exert at the end of Lost lasts longer (short stories book), it is titled “I’ll never leave you”. However, there is author associated with it and I can’t find anything on your website or other website that are linked thru yours. Of course, I did try Amazon and Goodreads with no success. This seems like a contemporary take on Lizzy and Darcy. I will very like to read the full story. Would you please point me in the right direction?


    1. Sorry, I wrote that posting too late in the evening…. The book I am referring is Love last longest. The exert is titled “I’ll never leave you”, but there is no author, no book, nothing associated with it. This seems to be a contemporary story about a married couple with two kids and the beginning of trouble in their relationship. Of course the h’s name is Elizabeth and the H is Fitzwilliam Darcy. I search your website, goodreads and Amazon and couldn’t find anything.
      Would you be so kind and point me in the right direction? Or this is just a teaser to gage the readers interest?


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