Born in the wrong era, Rose Fairbanks has read nineteenth-century novels since childhood. Although she studied history, her transcript also contains every course in which she could discuss Jane Austen. Never having given up all-nighters for reading, Rose discovered her love for Historical Romance after reading Christi Caldwell’s Heart of a Duke Series.

After a financial downturn and her husband’s unemployment had threatened her ability to stay at home with their special needs child, Rose began writing the kinds of stories she had loved to read for so many years. Now, a best-selling author of Jane Austen-inspired stories, she also writes Regency Romance, Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance, and Historical Fantasy.

Having completed a BA in history in 2008, she plans to finish her master’s studies someday. When not reading or writing, Rose runs after her two young children, ignores housework, and profusely thanks her husband for doing all the dishes and laundry. She is a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America.

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16 thoughts on “About Rose

  1. There is an exert at the end of Lost lasts longer (short stories book), it is titled “I’ll never leave you”. However, there is author associated with it and I can’t find anything on your website or other website that are linked thru yours. Of course, I did try Amazon and Goodreads with no success. This seems like a contemporary take on Lizzy and Darcy. I will very like to read the full story. Would you please point me in the right direction?


    1. Sorry, I wrote that posting too late in the evening…. The book I am referring is Love last longest. The exert is titled “I’ll never leave you”, but there is no author, no book, nothing associated with it. This seems to be a contemporary story about a married couple with two kids and the beginning of trouble in their relationship. Of course the h’s name is Elizabeth and the H is Fitzwilliam Darcy. I search your website, goodreads and Amazon and couldn’t find anything.
      Would you be so kind and point me in the right direction? Or this is just a teaser to gage the readers interest?


  2. Hi Ms Rose. I seem to have lost the link of the third book of “Loving Elizabeth”. i remember seeing the same model with white attire but it seems to have disappeared. Also will you be releasing again the hopelessly in love book collection. I have it saved on my wishlist but I cannot find it (when love blooms collection plus mr darcy’s kindness)

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    1. I’m sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been sick. I just posted Chapter Four of Treasured this evening. If you scroll to the bottom of the post you can select the category “Treasured” and can find all the posts. I will also link it here. They are in order from most recent so you may need to scroll a bit to find the appropriate chapter (or control f to search by chapter heading such as “two” etc). I do not plan on making Hopelessly in Love available again. However, I will do be doing a new bundle again soon. I would also be willing to email that bundle to you for free if you give me your email address. 🙂 Thanks for all your support!


  3. I was sorry to hear your problems on other sites and sad to see you go. But luckily Rose told me about her blog. Now I get to follow her wonderful writing some more!

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  4. Hi, I am trying to find a book Friends and Follies: Restored but it doesn’t appear to be on Amazon Kindle. How can I get it?


      1. It probably says that still in the Loving Elizabeth series. I was diagnosed with MS in early 2019 and basically all plans have gone awry since then. I’m still playing catch up.


      2. No problem, I enjoy your work a lot

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      3. Thanks, can I ask you a question, I read a story where lizzy married an aristocrat soldier who died soon after the marriage and lizzy had his son who would be titled and have an estate, do you know the author or title

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      4. I asked on a fan group on Facebook and possible matches are: The Best Part of Love by Amy D’Orazio. Elizabeth marries a peer before marrying Darcy, but he was not a soldier. I’ve personally read this one and would recommend it even if it’s not the one you’re looking for! Another answer was Follies and Nonsense by Martin Hunnicutt. You can find it on Amazon. The final suggestion is The Road Not Taken by Lady Dami found only on I hope this helps!


      5. It is the follies and nonsense, thanks for the help , btw really like your work

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