Monday Motivation- Never Give Up


As an independent publisher, I’ve had to learn so many things! I’ve never had much interest in entrepreneurship before but it’s been essential. What I’ve learned has been the most valuable asset I have is a willingness to learn and improve. When I was twelve years old, I asked for a portable keyboard as a Christmas present. I had always loved music and had a deep desire to learn to play piano. We could not afford lessons but I was in the school chorus. I took the lessons I learned about notes in class and taught myself to read sheet music and play the piano. I’ve lost count of how many times I almost gave up on learning something to finally achieve it after trying one more time. The same holds true with the publishing business.

Do you have an example of perseverance helping you succeed?

Monday Motivation- Arrival


A few weeks ago my first non-JAFF book was published and through a small press, Trifecta Books. Consider this my official announcement, I plan on working on more non-JAFF in the future. I don’t know that I’ll ever leave JAFF entirely, most stories begin as Darcy and Elizabeth re-imaginings in my mind, but I’m excited about the next challenge.

What’s a goal you’ve reached and a new one you set?

Question Tuesday- Coffee or Tea?

cup-of-coffeeDo you prefer coffee or tea? Hot or cold? I love iced tea! I’m from the South so it’s all about SUGAR but I’ve taken to drinking unsweetened tea for health reasons. I do enjoy coffee too but can’t drink it black or too hot. I drink it with stevia and sugar-free creamer that’s either french vanilla or hazelnut flavor. I love iced coffee or frozen frapes in the summer.

Monday Motivation- Make a difference



I have to give credit to my writing career starting after my childhood pastor read my college thesis and praised my writing ability. It was years before I found JAFF and started writing but I clung to the memory of that unprompted compliment which didn’t mean near as much to me at the time.

Do you have a story of a time when someone’s words or actions made an impact on you?