The Set Down– Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Release

I've been settling into a new routine after my move and surgery in early spring. Once my health allowed, I began working on an old abandoned story called The Set Down. The premise picks up with Mrs. Bennet's statement to her husband in the original Pride and Prejudice Not handsome enough to dance with! I … Continue reading The Set Down– Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Release

Pheochromocytoma + Adrenalectomy

History In my most recent post, which was a 2-year check-in since my MS diagnosis, I discussed a new health concern. In June of 2020, I had an ultrasound on my liver after some of my labs came back bad. The liver issue resolved on its own, but the ultrasound found a tumor on my … Continue reading Pheochromocytoma + Adrenalectomy