Mr. Darcy's Grieving Wife– Chapter Twenty-Two

I saw a meme a few weeks ago that said the real new year starts in February and January is just the free trial. I really like that! Perhaps I'll be better at consistency on the blog starting in this month? Maybe. I don't have much of a good excuse for the delay in posting. … Continue reading Mr. Darcy's Grieving Wife– Chapter Twenty-Two

Friday Feature– Mr. Darcy's Kindness

Mr. Darcy's Kindness started as a PMS-induced idea on the eve of Mother's Day. As a mother, we can go through so much for the sake of our child. I don't know a single mother who can't tell me some story that might make you weep and end the phrase with "but it was all … Continue reading Friday Feature– Mr. Darcy's Kindness

Wacky Wednesday–Scott’s Grotto

I was watching the 2009 production of Emma the other day when I realized Pride and Prejudice is the only Jane Austen story in which the primary male and female characters do not go on an excursion together. Of course, in each scenario there are annoying people amongst them. It made me wonder what it … Continue reading Wacky Wednesday–Scott’s Grotto