Music Monday- Just to See You Smile

This song came on the radio the other day and it made me think of Mr. Darcy. Couldn't you see him just doing anything to make Elizabeth happy and smile--even if it means seeing her with another man? This was certainly something the Mr. Darcy in my book, The Secrets of Pemberley had to live … Continue reading Music Monday- Just to See You Smile

Music Monday- I Don’t Dance

I was a new and unpublished writer to the JAFF genre the first time I got inspiration from a song. I was actually buying clothes for my kids and it came over the store's speakers. It struck me as so very Darcy-like. I hope you enjoy!   I’ll never settle down, That’s what I … Continue reading Music Monday- I Don’t Dance

Music Monday- Fallen

It's Memorial Day in the United States. A day we remember the men and women who died to give us freedom and safety. There's a lot in the news these days about the US that would make it seem unworthy of the sacrifice others have given. There's probably even more around the world that would … Continue reading Music Monday- Fallen

Music Monday- Unforgettable

I grew up in a conservative Christian household and only listened to various forms of music in the Christian genre. My favorite was bluegrass gospel. I love a banjo! I also listened to classical instrumental music. As a writer, I have recently begun tuning into country love songs. Maybe I should consider pop or rock … Continue reading Music Monday- Unforgettable

Music Monday- Lose My Mind

Certain songs just remind me of characters and various scenes I put them in. The following song comes on my writing playlist regularly and I think perfectly fits how the young Fitzwilliam Darcy of Loving Elizabeth feels when he meets his best friend's little sister, Elizabeth. Will’s lips left hers, desperate for the taste … Continue reading Music Monday- Lose My Mind

Music Monday- Somebody Like You

This song is over fifteen years old and I totally forgot about until I heard it on the radio last weekend on a road trip. This could be the theme song for The Secrets of Pemberley! My Mr. Darcy definitely feels like this! He's made mistakes. He's terribly flawed. However, he wants to love someone … Continue reading Music Monday- Somebody Like You