Positivity Monday- No Regrets


If you read my books (and you totally should, they’re awesome), then you know I have a thing about finding a way to live without regrets. I don’t mean the types of things that you wish you hadn’t said when mad. I mean the big things in life. But you know…sometimes they’re the little things.

Right now, the main time I get to write is on the weekends when my husband is home. That means I try to use every minute I can when he’s home to write and do publishing stuff. A lot of times I don’t even leave my desk to eat with the family. Yesterday, I made the time to eat breakfast with my kids and husband. I’m going to make a point of doing at least one meal with them even on my working days. Does it mean I will be less productive? Yeah, definitely. It’s not just eating with them. Once I’m down there I end up playing or cleaning or just wanting to be with my loved ones and don’t return to work for awhile. But you know what? If I got told I had one week to live, I wouldn’t be saying I wish I had more time to release another book. I’d want more time with my family. That’s the regret I’m going to avoid.

Chances can mean something that seems unsure and risky. On one hand it seems risky that I’m going to write and produce less by taking more time with my family. We do depend on my book income. On the other hand, chance means opportunity. I have the opportunity to spend an hour or two with my family. I’m going to take it. I know I’d regret not doing so, even if I have all week long with them.

So, what are the chances you’re going to seize this week?


One thought on “Positivity Monday- No Regrets

  1. I so understand where you are coming from. It might mean a little less money but you can never get that family time back so must grab it while you can. And I am sure the happiness you gain will help with your writing anyway 😊


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