Reading Saturday

Earlier this week, I needed some reading therapy and fell in love with a quaint coastal town in Regency England called Spindle Cove, created by the wonderful imagination of Romance author Tessa Dare.

Some time ago I read How to Catch a Wild Viscount. It was a free download and I passed it over many times, but the title kept calling me. It is steamy and mock paranormal and just good fun. A few months ago, I read Lord Dashwood Missed Out and fell in love with Spindle Cove, a resort for unconventional ladies.

This week when I was looking for a new read, I decided I wanted another Spindle Cove heroine and I was not disappointed.

I mistakenly thought I had read Book 1 in the series already and bought books 2 and 3, A Week to be Wicked and A Lady by Midnight. But it’s not necessary at all to read them in order.

Tessa Dare had me running the gamut of emotions: laughter, thought provoking, falling in love and crying in pain. It’s got good historical detail too. A Week to be Wicked has more historical information. Archeological and geological research is in its infancy. A Lady by Midnight is a touching and heart-warming read with a touch of mystery in it. I highly recommend both! I can’t wait to read more of the Spindle Cove series and try Dare’s other works!

What are you reading this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Reading Saturday

  1. FYI – Tessa Dare used to write JAFF, as Vangie. Most of her stuff is not available anymore (although I have a bunch of it) but she has a few left online.


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