Question Tuesday- Favorite chore?

To go with my Positivity Monday post, what’s your favorite chore? What’s your least favorite?

I actually enjoy dusting, vacumming, sweeping, mopping and I even like cleaning the tub. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t do it very often, but after it’s clean and sparkling I love the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done. However, I LOATHE dishes and laundry. Somehow, in the last few years my husband’s ended up doing most of them. Thanks work from home career!

My daughter starts pre-school next week and I guess I’ll have to pull my weight around the house again. Is it weird to say that I’ve missed cleaning? My hope is to have more time on the weekends and evenings to do those mundane household things and work just while the kids are in school. 🙂

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