Question Tuesday- Coffee or Tea?

cup-of-coffeeDo you prefer coffee or tea? Hot or cold? I love iced tea! I’m from the South so it’s all about SUGAR but I’ve taken to drinking unsweetened tea for health reasons. I do enjoy coffee too but can’t drink it black or too hot. I drink it with stevia and sugar-free creamer that’s either french vanilla or hazelnut flavor. I love iced coffee or frozen frapes in the summer.

3 thoughts on “Question Tuesday- Coffee or Tea?

  1. I prefer Earl Grey tea with a tiny bit of milk and quite strong. As for favourite chore????? Hmmmm nope I can’t think of one!!! In fact I think that when I win the lottery!!!!! I will definitely have a cleaning service coming in 😊


  2. Coffee or tea? Yes. Grew up a sweet tea drinker, started in on coffee only because I would go places as a young mom on cold, dreary mornings, and there was free hot coffee. Now I like both. I still take my coffee pretty sweet and creamy, but I take a lot less or even no sugar at all in my tea now.


  3. I drink two coffees per day with Coffeemate and stevia and then tea later: sometimes Green Tea, sometimes Earl Grey and sometimes an herbal or peppermint tea. I add stevia to those but not any milk. Iced tea on occasion is also one drink I enjoy (Snapple).


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