Question Tuesday- Have you ever…

I’ve been struggling a bit to find a good way to continue Question Tuesdays. I’ve decided for the next few weeks, at least, I’ll follow a “have you ever?” format. I will pose a question and I’m just looking for fast answers.


I sure have. I don’t always do it, but if after reading the blurb I feel a strong emotion about it, I often check to make sure it all wrapped up somewhat how I want. This is especially true if I’m reading a different genre than usual. I mostly read ebooks now, so this is no longer an option but sometimes I sure wish I had peeked at the back first!

6 thoughts on “Question Tuesday- Have you ever…

  1. I can’t remember ever doing that as far as I know but I have certainly been tempted sometimes. Especially in the early hours when I can’t put a book down as I need to know how it ends.


    1. Sometimes it’s necessary to know there’s a happy resolution before you can take a break from a book! I have to know everyone will be ok! But then the worst is when it appears some side character that I love isn’t there and I’m left to wonder if they’re dead or what. :/


  2. Yes I am guilty of reading the ending then deciding if the trip through a book in worth it. It doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the story but in a strange way, heightens it!


  3. When I used to go to book stores to buy books…yes. But most of my books now are on kindle so I never read the “back of the book”. I do read endings sometimes…usually when I want to know what clues to watch for or who to watch. It never decreases my enjoyment. I am usually pretty good at guessing outcomes or even picking up on clues.


  4. Guilty. Sometimes the title grabs you, but the synopsis doesn’t. Or the other way around, synopsis does, but title doesn’t grab you. I wish e-books would do that, but I guess that’s why the put a blurb about the story.


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