Question Tuesday- Have you ever…


I love getting and giving books as gifts! I really love giving books as presents to children. I think reading is so important to learning and understanding the world. I also believe if you have a joy of reading when young it will never leave. Additionally, from personal experience, I would have rather had more books than toys. As an adult, I don’t think I get books as gifts anywhere near enough!

9 thoughts on “Question Tuesday- Have you ever…

  1. Oh, yes. In fact even at Easter I put books in my children’s baskets with a minimum of candy. I am always taking books to my grandchildren as I have hundreds of books saved from being a Kindergarten teacher as well as from my time as a parent. It is one thing I could not part with as there are so many good ones in my collection.


  2. Definitely. As a teacher, each child got a book from me during the holidays. Been buying for my granddaughter since she was born. Now she’s 13 and we have had to purge her shelves many times to fit new books. Now I buy her some ebooks for her Kindle.


  3. I don’t remember not being able to read. When I was about five, in primary school (not sure what my US friends call that stage of education) I can remember getting impatient with my class mates because they seemed so slow at reading. I also used to get told off for flipping ahead in the book when we were supposed to read out loud in turn. So as I was growing up, books were always so important to me – never got enough as gifts though! When we were packing to go on holiday, my sister and I each had a tiny suitcase to put toys etc in. She filled hers with dolls and their paraphenalia, mine was full of books.

    Our son wasn’t a great reader as a child but has come to appreciate it as an adult. No grandchildren yet – he’s a bit young to become a father just yet. But I did become a great aunt a couple of months ago and so my great niece is getting a couple of Babylit books for her first Christmas, one of which just had to be Goodnight Mr. Darcy!


    1. Wow, you learned early! Too funny about your travels with a suitcase of books. I still need to buy Goodnight Mr. Darcy. I got my daughter the Pride and Prejudice Counting Primer for her birthday this year and she loves it!


  4. Definitely yes! I always bought books for my children as I could afford them and they borrowed books from the library. I used to read to them especially at bedtime. I also bought books for my brother’s children and my great nieces and nephews and I am now buying for my grandsons. The eldest is 3 and loves books as much as his mummy. He is in Australia but they have been reading to him since he was tiny and he likes to look at books and tell himself the story. I myself loved books as a child so am glad to have passed it on.


    1. Bedtime reading is part of our routine as well. Sadly, I think I’m the only one in the family that buys books as presents for the various kids. 😦 How great for your grandson that he has you to pass on a love of reading!


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