Music Monday– Truth Be Told

So…I’m doing a revamp of Music Monday. Previously, it had been romantic songs and I’m pretty sure 100% country at that. However, since my “spiritual awakening” I have decided to listen to only Christian music (again– It’s what I grew up with, but I got away from it for a few years, when thinking about faith actually hurt a lot). I have shared songs that speak to me on my social media, but realized the other day there’s no reason I can’t share them on my blog too and make it a regular thing again.

The thing is, this is part of who I am. My faith isn’t something that I can turn off and on and it comes out in my works, even when I am not specifically writing in the Christian genre. You’ll find messages of hope and grace in all of my works. There are themes of deliverance and a need for acceptance. If anything, I have short changed my characters by not letting the Lord do the changes they need in life. We’re not made to do life alone and there’s a hunger in all of us that only God can fill.

For my first time sharing faith-filled music, I decided I’d start with one of my favorite songs that really focuses on knocking down some preconceptions. Nobody is perfect. God loves you despite imperfections. He loves you exactly as you are. That’s not to say He wants you to stay that way. He’s going to help you grow and change, if you ask Him. But you can come to Him exactly where you are right now.

This song is close to my heart because I was raised to put up a front and be very image-conscious. My life was about damage control. I couldn’t let people know the truth about things. As a healing adult, I have felt pressure to smile and say “I’m never better” while I’m going through horrendous spiritual or physical battles. Where does this mindset come from? Not God! It is connected to shame and despair. But when you really examine the Bible, it’s clear that God turns the most shameful into His family. He turns terrible situations into blessings. He picks people up from despair. But first, it must be acknowledged.

If you feel like you’ve lived having to hide who you really are and maybe what you’ve really done, any of the brokenness you have, I want to remind you that there is freedom and healing in Christ. Confess it to Him and let Him remake your world.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday– Truth Be Told

  1. I don’t listen to much radio music anymore. I mostly listen to “music for reading or concentrating” which is mostly classical music. I did listen to this and it is so “right on”. God bless you. I continue to pray for you. May you find peace in knowing you are God’s child and, yes, he knows all our sins and has forgiven them. When people ask how I am I usually just say, “Hanging in there”…I have too much going on with my body to complain and who really wants to hear all that?

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    1. I’m with you about the radio! I hardly ever listen to the real radio anymore. The CD player in my vehicle is broken, though. Sometimes, I will hook my phone up and listen to a podcast or music I have saved. Most of the time, we just have it off and I’m busy talking with the kids in the car. At home, I will have the Alexa (gifted) play specific songs, pull up a youtube play list, Pandora channel, or play my beloved CDs in the dvd player. 🙂

      Thanks for all your prayers! I agree that “hanging in there” adds just the right touch of truth without being exhaustive for the casual question.


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