Music Monday– Weary Traveler

This week, I wanted to share another song that really touches my heart. The first time I heard it on the radio, it was the bridge that repeats, “Someday soon we’re gonna make it home.” Man, I felt that in my soul. I honestly am so tired of this mortal life and just want to go home, my real home. Are you weary? I believe we won’t have to endure for much longer!

2 thoughts on “Music Monday– Weary Traveler

  1. T world is a better place because you overcame that cry from the heart. Thank You God, her family and friends and fans still have her to love.

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  2. Love the paper heart. Rose, you continue to be in my daily prayers. We never know when GOD will call us home. May he reach out and hold you in his arms and strengthen you.

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