7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday– A Seascape

  1. Love this, Rose. I know later artists disparaged the Romanticism era of art but didn’t that happen with almost every time period? For art lovers, we can enjoy so many types and periods of art. And especially today with the internet. There’s nothing like seeing it in person, though. I have a special affinity to this artist because of his nationality, which I realize has nothing to do with the art. I just like it.

    I miss going to art museums so much. Today we are going to see the interactive Van Gogh experience and we’ve been looking forward to it and excited about it for months. It’s also our first little mini vacation we’ve taken for ourselves since before we relocated to this area five years ago. First it was moving, finding ‘all the stuff’ you need in your life; doctors, groceries, etc. Then it was health concerns for both of us. Then the ol’ whopperooo, COVID. Yuck. But, YAY! Things ARE better. People near and dear have gotten the new strain though, and we’re masking up.

    I hope your July is treating you just a little better or you’ve found more ways to beat the heat. Wear sunscreen! 😀

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    1. I think you’re correct, that most new modes of art are first decried before appreciated by the general public. I too miss seeing art in person! There is a local shop in the town I currently live in and while all the works are well beyond my budget, it’s lovely to see art again. I hope you enjoyed your excursion! It sounds amazing!

      As for July…I am staying mostly indoors. I’m no longer experience heat intolerance which leads to pseudo MS attacks (symptoms go away when you cool off), but I am just sweating soooo much. So, when I have to be in an environment where I can’t control the temperature for more than a bit, I wear my cooling vest with ice packs. However, we visited family in VA for the 4th of July and I enjoyed being outdoors then without having to worry about the heat and humidity. It was so refreshing! It was a little cooler than average for the area, but about 15 degrees cooler and far less humid than SC!


      1. I am so glad you were able to enjoy that visit with family. I do not like heat and humidity at all, but in the past couple of years I’ve noticed tolerating it a little bit more than I used to. Just a bit more. It’s got to be due to aging. But you can’t waste your life just looking forward to being almost 69 yr. old!

        I’m going to look up this cooling vest you mentioned. And yes, our excursion to the Immersive Van Gogh experience was just amazing.

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      2. Here is the company I ordered from. I liked that the vest itself stays dry and is washable. Cheaper options involve saturating the vest in cold water which doesn’t work well in humidity. I got the under vest and I do frequently wear it under my clothing but it can also go over. It comes with 8 thermopacks and I also ordered an extra set. I get about 3 hours from each set and they usually refreeze within that time period. I got an extra in case we’re at the beach all day or somewhere else I don’t have access to a freezer. It’s really been very amazing to have. I highly recommend!!



  2. I had to look this up: “Rügen is Germany’s largest island. It is located off the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea and belongs to the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania” My first born, Nicole, & her husband returned recently from a Baltic Sea Cruise, so I am wondering if they saw this island. 92 degrees here today…not as bad as 104 Britain got but still very hot.

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