Music Monday– Me on Your Mind

Sometimes we can feel so invisible, even to God that we need to be reminded that we ARE on His mind. When the trials are hard and we feel alone, it’s so easy to think that God is tormenting us, indifferent, or maybe even hates us. These are lies from the enemy made to distort the truth. He’s been a liar since the beginning and excels at twisting God’s words. The truth is, that God loves us enough to send a Redeemer.

I’ll highlight some of the lyrics that mean the most to me in the song below.

And the prodigal son who ran, leaving his home behind
The part where the father came running to meet him
Did You say that with me on Your mind?

Have you ever been a prodigal? Even if you haven’t, have you ever been lost or thought your parent didn’t care about you? What did it mean to you when they came running to meet you? Or if you never experienced that, what would it have meant to you? I love this imagery!

Who am I that the King of the world
Would give one single thought about my broken heart?
Who am I that the God of all grace
Wipes the tears from my face and says, “Come as you are”?
You paid the price, You took the cross
You gave Your life and You did it all with me on Your mind
Me on Your mind

God knows about my broken heart! He even wipes the tears from my face and made a way to restore ALL things! He paid a price that I never could. He thought even of me!

Just knowing You’re mindful of me
Just knowing You call me Your child
It’s flooding my soul with unspeakable hope
Thank You, Lord, that it’s me on Your mind

I never knew my father. I have had a rocky relationship with my mother. Step-fathers came and went. But there is ONE who calls me child and will NEVER let me down. What hope that gives me! All I have ever wanted to know is that I was valuable and important. People in my life that should have filled that void on Earth have failed. But that makes God’s viewing of me even more precious to me!

I’ve read the words in red of a heavenly home on high
You’re preparing a place where the sorrow’s erased
And when I stand before You, I’ll find
All along, it was me on Your mind

One day, all the sorrow will be gone. Not just because I’ll be in Heaven, but because when facing my Savior, there can be no more sorrow! Every question I have about why I’ve gone through the trials I have, will vanish. In a moment, all doubt will be gone that every single thing was for my good. It doesn’t make much sense now, but I will claim it on faith. And I want to be with Jesus so much that I will go through whatever I must to mold my character to be there. Not because He’s mean and wants to hurt me, but because He’s a potter and makes a variety of items. I must match His vision of me, which is unique and requires different things than his vision for someone else…and then there must be fire. Who am I to complain about the process when I am on the King’s mind?

4 thoughts on “Music Monday– Me on Your Mind

    1. I thought red might be hard on eyes. When I tried blue, I got a message from wordpress that it was difficult to see. So, purple seemed like a good compromise. Also, I certainly don’t want to be compared with Christ!


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