3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday– Napoleon in burning Moscow

    1. It was actually the Russians that burned Moscow rather than let the French have their supplies and defenses. So the scenario is a little different than the cities in Ukraine, but sad and tragic nonetheless for all the civilians caught up in it. Certainly the act of senseless and needless aggression of one country against the other is the same.

      My mind didn’t even think about the present war when I chose this image and the other ones this month. I decided to choose art that was about an event that happened on that day in history (so every Wednesday of the month). Since I write mostly about the Regency era, I was happy to see relevant events had happened on the dates that I was looking at. Napoleon invaded Russia in June of 1812 and by September reached Moscow. Now, I hope no one is reading extra anything into my choices. I most certainly do not support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (or anywhere else).


      1. Yes, I knew that…having read “The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad” which also talked about other Russian cities and how they fared. But the fact that they felt forced to burn their own cities is sad. I never thought you supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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