7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday– St. Columba

    1. I had heard of him just as Columba before. My practice doesn’t really venerate saints, so I hadn’t known that he was considered one. However, see my comment to Michelle for more insight as to why I chose this piece of art. Sometimes it’s just fun to learn something new!


  1. I had never heard of this artist but felt like I should recognize his art. It reminded me of bible illustrations and it turns out I was correct in that. Interesting saint. Did you learn of him in your research for a book set in Scotland?

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    1. William Hole did another work that I recently posted but other than that I had not heard of him. I think there’s a more famous portrait of Columba, but he wore high church garments and it didn’t seem to fit his biography. I chose to find a work on Columba because he was born on December 7. I do not know much about him, but have heard that he was a stalwart for faith in his time. Earlier this year, I decided to feature artwork about a person or event that was noteworthy in history for the calendar that I shared. I figure most of my followers know about the attack on Pearl Harbor and it’s certainly not as historical as I usually feature. I figure if it makes a follower curious they can either look it up or it’s good interaction to converse back and forth!


      1. I no doubt missed the fact that you were following the calendar with your posts of artwork because I either a.) didn’t put two and two together, or b.) missed an announcement because I don’t open this blog each week. Bad on me. But yes, I do like to look up the artist of the historical event. Bad on me again, because the reason I avoid opening a blog is that very reason, I’m so ADD I will get lost down the rabbit hole faster than anything looking those things up. 😀 :/ Not YOUR fault, I have a love/hate relationship with the rabbit hole.

        Keep up the great work Rose.


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