Meet Me at Pemberley Release

Today is the release day for Meet Me at Pemberley!

If you enjoy sweet Christmas stories, you will love this tale!


Christmas is a time of healing and love, can their broken hearts become whole?

Leaving London behind, Elizabeth Bennet is a walking scandal in Meryton. Cast out by her mother, she now lives with her married sister at Netherfield. The gossip doesn’t bother her near as much as her own recriminations. How can she ever trust her judgment again?

Fitzwilliam Darcy has no pride left. He has searched high and low for his little sister and cannot find her or the scoundrel who convinced her to elope. When he can’t face the empty halls of his homes, he visits his friend.
Meeting for the first time at Netherfield, Darcy and Elizabeth’s hearts are guarded as they recover from their not-so-distant wounds.

Mistletoe and sleigh bells abound in this heart-warming tale full of Christmas hope that destroys all fear and loneliness.

Download or buy Meet Me at Pemberley and snuggle up by the fire with some hot cocoa for your favourite holiday read!

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3 thoughts on “Meet Me at Pemberley Release

  1. I bought the new release of Meet Me at Pemberley and loved your original story. However I cannot access the new Epilogue even though I have been a subscriber of yours for years. Help! How do I find the required password?


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