2023 plans

It’s about that time of year when I tell you what I plan for next year. Well, the truth is that I’m out of plans. I’ve always bitten off more than I can chew and been excited by ALLLLL the things. But since the pandemic, it just seems impossible to make firm plans.

Not that I can blame much of it on the pandemic anymore. However, there are times when what I would really *like* to write has to take a backseat to what is more marketable. So, why not cut out the guessing and just ask my readers what they want to read?

I’ve created a survey that you can fill out to tell me what you most want to read next year. As always, I can’t promise that the muse will cooperate. However, this will should help me know a general direction to start in.

You can also leave a comment here!


3 thoughts on “2023 plans

    1. So far, many people are voting to Restored. I had planned for ODC to be the secondary couple in the book, but now I’m wondering if readers are expecting them to be more prevalent. Definitely something to think about in the next few days.


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