5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday– Joshua Johnson

    1. Youth didn’t really have their own fashion until later in the 20th century. But I do think some artistic license is taken because they DID usually cover the chest except for formal times, which were usually evening and events out of the house. So children weren’t going to them. My guess is either the artist took some liberty there or the family specifically got the gowns for the portrait. Certainly a status symbol too.

      As for the women, she is wearing a very thin tucker. But in reality, they did wear different layers and vary materials by season. There are fewer portraits showing it or surviving items, but there are many fashion plates depicting the ensembles.


    1. I live in a college town that gets snow. The girls wear mini skirts and often revealing tops, no tights, and fuzzy boots. But given how much they shiver, I think they’re still cold! Not sure the boots help enough!


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