Matching Pemberley– Chapter Three

A family tree was requested so I hope this helps! Essentially, Elizabeth's mother is a 4th Fitzwilliam sibling. Lady Anne Darcy and Lady Catherine de Bourgh are Elizabeth's aunts and Lord Fitzwilliam (Colonel Fitzwilliam's father) is her uncle. Elizabeth's cousins are Lord Fitzwilliam's sons (we only meet Richard in this book) and Lady Catherine's daughter, … Continue reading Matching Pemberley– Chapter Three

Matching Pemberley– Chapter Two

Thanks for all the feedback on the first chapter. As I said in the comments, this will not be a gender swap that is very close to Canon. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know! Previous Chapters: Chapter One Chapter Two “You may enter, Elizabeth.” Elizabeth gulped as she opened the door to her … Continue reading Matching Pemberley– Chapter Two