Renewed Hope Launch & Giveaway

For the launch of Renewed Hope, I thought I'd do things a little differently. There are six main characters in Renewed Hope, so I thought I'd do six different posts and chances to win! (5 ebooks and 1 print copy) Each centering on a specific character. We meet Viscount Arlington first. He's irreverent, but charming … Continue reading Renewed Hope Launch & Giveaway

The Secrets of Netherfield Abbey- Chapter Six

Oops! I meant to finish posting on my blog awhile ago! Chapter Six At Netherfield, the house was in uproar preparing for the ball. The gentlemen frequently avoided the ladies entirely by taking refuge in the billiard’s room. The General frequently had business in Meryton with the Militia. “Dreadful weather,” Henry said to Darcy and … Continue reading The Secrets of Netherfield Abbey- Chapter Six