2017 Plans

Well, another year has begun! I'm so excited to start this year and bring on my third year of publishing! I've got the usual sorts of resolutions: lose weight, read more, get organized. Last year I lost over 30 pounds but since my move in mid-October I have taken a break from eating well and … Continue reading 2017 Plans

Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Nine

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Bella sagged into her bed at the end of a long day. She had been home for a week and immediately cast into her old position of servant and housekeeper for her family. Her sisters seemed … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Nine

Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven Bella, Mrs. Potter, and Maria gathered in the South Drawing Room. They sprinkled a mixture of salt and rose water around the windows and pianoforte but nowhere else. “Do you really think it will work, ma’am?” Maria asked Mrs. Potter. “It is worth a try, isn’t it?” Maria frowned. “Unless it stirs her … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Seven

Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 6

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six The next morning, Leo came down late to breakfast. Nor did he smile at Bella. He greeted her with civility, but that was all. “Leo, when had you wanted to investigate the cave? Lady Rosalyn seems to only handle lessons until noon.” … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 6

Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 3

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three “I hope you can tell me more about the child,” Arabella said to the Duke’s housekeeper as she was led to the nursery. She preferred conversation to pull her thoughts of the Duke. He had been massive and hulking. A large scar ran across his cheek. She wouldn’t … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter 3

Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Two

Chapter Two While her father was away, Bella looked over the mail. It was unsurprised to have a letter from George saying again he would not be returning home and intended to leave the country. He thought Italy might be suitable. She never touched her father’s business mail and his male friends wrote infrequently. Other … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Chapter Two

Beauty’s Mirror- Enchanted Regency

A Phantom Courtship is put on hold because Jenni James and I got to talking and we decided our Paranormal Regency should be Fairy Tales! I'm so excited!! And super nervous! My first completed non-JAFF is a fairy tale! I feel like that's all kinds of pressure!! So, what I'm posting here is the rough … Continue reading Beauty’s Mirror- Enchanted Regency