Tickled Tuesday- Taco Tuesday


I think I love tacos so much because you can’t really mess them up. You can do pretty much anything to them. Mix up all the flavors you want. And if the bottom falls out? Yeah, that pretty much always happens. I feel like tacos are a metaphor for life! Filled with good things, unexpected at times, and can be messy. Roll with it.

Tickled Tuesday- It’s my birthday!


It goes up every year because of inflation! Or maybe it costs more to ship based on the extra weight of my improved awesomeness. Note: this is not related to actual weight increases. ::shudders::

I don’t have any big plans. I’m making my favorite dinner (roasted beef, carrots and potatoes) and brownies. I’m not really a cake type of girl. I once tried to have a birthday party without cake and one of my mom’s friends had a cow, lol.

What’s your favorite thing about your birthday? Mine is that the food is all calorie free. 😉

Happy Tuesday!

Tickled Tuesday- Long week!


There’s quite a number of memes made out of bizarre medieval artwork. I think we’ve all had a week like this one!

“Yes, I’ve got a giant sword through my neck but I’ll be sure to get that work done. Don’t worry about me.”

“You’re sure you don’t need any help?”

“Well, maybe dab the blood splatter off the book page for me. Thanks.”

**Long suffering sigh**


At least no matter how bad my week is going it’s better than this woman’s!

Tickled Tuesday- Winning at life


I work from home but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a schedule or deadlines. However, the last few weeks I have not been making them. I feel so scattered and if I manage to shower, eat at a decent time and get work done I call it a victory! What makes you feel like you’ve just won at life?

Tickled Tuesday- Join the laughs!

I’m starting a new theme for my Tuesday posts! Tickled Tuesday is all about things that tickle me. I love to laugh and like a certain spunky heroine, I delight in anything ridiculous. I hope you enjoy the chuckles!


What’s your guilty pleasure food that we can turn into a princess name?