I began having ideas for a series of books on Darcy and Elizabeth’s children as early as 2015. I kept pushing the idea away but it never stayed buried. I now plan on having a series of Impertinent Daughters and a series of Headstrong Sons based off the timeline of The Gentleman’s Impertinent Daughter.

I will attempt to mix the point of view of Darcy and Elizabeth as parents of coming of age children in addition to the point of view of one child per book. We begin the series focusing on their eldest daughter, Angelica Anne Darcy who has an enemies to lovers romance which rivals her parents.

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Below is a brief excerpt from Mr. Darcy’s Impertinent Daughter.

Fitzwilliam Darcy watched as the angelic creature descended the stairs at Pemberley. His breath caught at her beauty. She was easily the loveliest young lady present at the ball held in her honour. She saw him, a dazzling smile spread across her face, making her eyes dance. They sparkled in the candlelight.

Reaching the bottom of the steps, Darcy hooked her hand over his arm and led her to the entrance to await the guests. She greeted each of them with a smile and a kind word. Her tender heart and good nature shone even brighter than her beauty. After the final guest arrived, a few people lingered in her circle. She laughed and teased, offering her dance card to several young men when requested for a set. Each time, Darcy had to repress a growl. Perhaps once or twice, he had emitted a sound, given the anxious expressions the gentlemen threw in his direction.

At last, the music began, and Darcy took his lady to the floor for the first set, swelling with pride. She moved with practiced grace and ease. He always enjoyed dancing with her, and tonight was no exception, no matter how little he generally liked the activity. Although he knew his expression was likely austere and grim, she did not laugh at him or tease. As he brought her from the floor, and they awaited the next gentleman to approach, she squeezed his arm and gave him a sympathetic smile. An eager young man approached, and Darcy’s heart thudded loudly in his chest as she let go of his arm and took another’s. Watching her go, felt like a knife to his heart.

“You did very well, my dear,” his wife of twenty-five years said from his side. Darcy glanced down at her. Emotion shimmered in Elizabeth’s eyes. “It is hard to see her so grown up, is it not?”

Darcy merely nodded as he looked out over the sea of hoop skirts swaying on the dance floor. “Must we do this four more times?”

“I am afraid so, my love. Perhaps it will get easier with each one?”

He shook his head. “I do not believe it will. Your father surely never found it easier.”

“No, I suppose Papa did not.” Elizabeth squeezed his arm before laughing to herself. “Did you ever think all those years ago that you might be in his position with five daughters of your own?”

His lips curled up in a small smile. Lizzy could always put him in a better mood. “The thought of that would have put me into hysterics like your mother.”

Elizabeth grinned. “It does seem I can understand my parents far better now than I did as a child. “The boys are so loud sometimes that I wish to lock myself in the library the way my father did.”

“Do not forget our many impertinent daughters. I never have a moment’s peace from teasing these days!”

“You are too easy a target for them. And do not hide your smile from me. I know you love it.”

“That I do, for they are just like their mother.”

“Rather too much, sometimes,” Elizabeth said with a rueful look. “Whatever were we thinking of bringing eight children into the world with my impertinence and your obstinacy?”

Darcy gave his wife a heated look before whispering into her ear. “I am rather sure we were thinking of far more pleasant things at the time.”

He pulled back in time to see Elizabeth’s eyes widen in shock before shaking her head and grinning. “Bad man. You are incorrigible.”

“A man with eight children often is, Elizabeth.”

Their discussion ceased so they could clap at the end of the set.

“Well, I suppose I ought to circulate more among the guests. You are not regretting your decision to take the boys and their friends fishing tomorrow, are you?”

“Not at all. It shall be most welcome to be out of the house and away from all the females.”

“And their talk of lace?” Elizabeth chuckled. “If only Papa had had a son to give him such a reprieve.”