Come What May- Modern P&P short story

So, I just tried linking this over on my facebook launch party for A Sense of Obligation page and it won't let me load documents and it's far too long to put in a single post. This short story will appear in my next release, which is a collection of short stories. Look for it … Continue reading Come What May- Modern P&P short story

A Sense of Obligaiton excerpt

It seems that I have a broken link on here and I just found out about it while in the car! So until I can get it fixed this weekend, I want to have an excerpt of A Sense ofo Obligation up. Release date is July 25 and is currently available for preorder on Amazon … Continue reading A Sense of Obligaiton excerpt

WIPSunday: A Sense of Obligation

This week I didn't get to write anything new, which means it's been a crazy week. Instead, I edited A Sense of Obligation. I've mentioned before that I expanded Jane and Bingley scenes and here's a snippet from one of my favorite additions! In the carriage on the way to his solicitor’s office, he shook … Continue reading WIPSunday: A Sense of Obligation

Throwback Thursday- Lady Elizabeth Hamilton Stanley

I'm editing A Sense of Obligation (and posting a newer version on Beyond Austen, Austen Authors, and The Peculiar Ramblings Library) and while working on it I recalled the research I put into Darcy's London House. They don't spend much time at Pemberley before the story ends, so I really wanted Darcy House to mean … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Lady Elizabeth Hamilton Stanley

Publishing news!!

So, I've been busy behind the scenes with publishing things. Which means editing, more editing, formatting and book cover decisions etc. Don't worry, I'm still writing! I like to stay busy and the Muse won't leave me alone. So here's what's coming up: Undone Business: releasing April 8 and then will also be part of … Continue reading Publishing news!!