Thursday Three Hundred- Just to See Her Smile

My Music Monday post was the song "Just to See You Smile" by Tim McGraw. I've always wanted to give him a happy ending in that song so it's inspired this story. I actually think the song would go more naturally with Emma and Knightley but I got told with the Jane & Bingley story … Continue reading Thursday Three Hundred- Just to See Her Smile

The Secrets of Pemberley- Epilogue

Epilogue March 20, 1837 Twenty-five years later   “Mama, tell me you did not really wear that!” Beth Darcy giggled in the blue saloon of Pemberley. “Yes, the rules had not been updated yet,” Elizabeth laughed. “And I had your grandmother and your great aunt Catherine attempting to help me.” Darcy smiled from the doorway. … Continue reading The Secrets of Pemberley- Epilogue