No Cause to Repine Blog Tour

RoseFairbanks-NoCauseToRepine-EBook-1I’m actually really late with this since I was trying to finalize dates for things! I’m rolling out a lot of giveaways!!

Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Scribid, ibooks, Google Play

Paperback: Createspace Store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

5/11: Excerpt + Giveaway on Babblings with a Bookworm. A review will also follow.

5/14: Excerpt + Giveaway on Diary of an Eccentric.

5/18: Excerpt + Giveaway on My Jane Austen Book Club

5/20: Guest Post + Giveaway on Austenesque Reviews

scrolls green5/23: Excerpt + Giveaway on My Love for Jane Austen

5/25: Giveaway on Stories from the Past (here, in case you didn’t know!)

5/28: Giveaway on Austen Authors

5/30: Guest post + Giveaway on Laughing with Lizzie

6/9: Post + Giveaway (non-book) on More Agreeably Engaged

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