Friday Feature– No Cause to Repine

No Cause to Repine was my first book baby. Was it the first story I wrote? No. Was it the first story I published? Also, no. How was it my first book baby then? Well, it was the first time, I had considered that I might actually be sort of decent at writing. It was … Continue reading Friday Feature– No Cause to Repine

This or That- A Giveaway Game

I've done a lot of excerpts and have a few guest posts for part of my No Cause to Repine blog tour. But I wanted to do something fun and different too. So, here we have a This or That Game. I will have 5 questions below and you get to guess if it's option … Continue reading This or That- A Giveaway Game

Cover Reveal

I didn't share the cover on here before because what I selected and photoshopped was just to be a place holder to get the book on pre-order, but No Cause to Repine has a gorgeous and official cover now! As with all my covers this was done by Peculiar World Designs made by the irreplaceable … Continue reading Cover Reveal

Publishing news!!

So, I've been busy behind the scenes with publishing things. Which means editing, more editing, formatting and book cover decisions etc. Don't worry, I'm still writing! I like to stay busy and the Muse won't leave me alone. So here's what's coming up: Undone Business: releasing April 8 and then will also be part of … Continue reading Publishing news!!