Question Tuesday- Beach or Pool?

I was born in Virginia Beach, VA near the naval base in Norfolk. Both of my grandfathers had been stationed there and then my parents met. When I was 5, we moved to the mountains of VA but so much of my family still lived at the beach, that we would visit a few times a year. The best visits were during the summer, of course. Now, I’ve only managed one beach trip my adult life because I’ve always had to work and/or not enough money for a vacation. Last year, I went with the kids and my mom but it rained the whole time and was already mid-September so the water was too cool in addition to stormy.

shiver me timbers turtle

But we’re going this year and just try and keep me out of the water! I can’t wait to feel the waves again. As a child, I took the ocean for granted. As an adult, most people I meet have never been, or only go for an expensive vacation every few years. After all, most of the US is not on the coast line! Even my husband who grew up in the VA mountains, and therefore only a few hours away from the beach, prefers pools. My preference should be obvious by now, but what’s yours?

One thought on “Question Tuesday- Beach or Pool?

  1. Living in Pennsylvania it is not far to the Jersey beaches and now that my son practically lives on the beach (near Sandy Hook) my husband joins them in summer hitting the sand. I stay out of the sun due to medication which makes my skin super sensitive, plus some skin cancer in my family.


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