Positivity Monday- Summer forever

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Okay, not really. I’m going to the beach this weekend! And then my son will have a week off from camps before school starts. And I’m sure I’ll be ready for it to start by then!! But, still, there are moments that I will hope will live forever in my memory of Summer 2016, which is quickly fading. One is the day I took my son to the pool, just the two of us. He seems so grown up! All those mommy things like reminding him about being safe and correcting misbehavior, I just don’t have to do as much anymore. It’s both exciting and sad.

What are some of your favorite memories from this summer?

2 thoughts on “Positivity Monday- Summer forever

  1. I’m so glad you have had a lovely summer. Mine was special because my daughter and her family came from Australia so she and her partner could get married here. She has been with him since 2005 and they were wondering why on earth they waited until they had just traded their apartment for an exceedingly expensive house in Sydney and had 2 little boys instead of getting married when they used to have money to spare! Anyway I got chance to spend time with my gorgeous grandsons aged 3 & 10 months which was wonderful. So my summer was definitely special and my Autumn will be special as my son and his wife are expecting twin boys in October 😊


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