Positivity Monday

If you didn’t notice, I was kind of on a blog/writing break the last 2 weeks. But time to get back to work! This week I’m working on a non-JAFF paranromal Regency that I’m tentatively titling A Phantom Courtship. It will appear in an anthology with Jenni James this Fall!! So exciting!!!!! If you don’t know about Jenni, she has A LOT of books! Some are JAFF books, there are 14 in her Faerie Tale Collection and now two Regency Romances….and many more!! Check her out here!

Well, my goal is to get at least 10,000 words written on this story this week. What are your plans? Hope you have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Positivity Monday

  1. New book sounds absolutely exciting. In our dreams, we all would delight in A Phantom Courtship! Cannot wait for its release.


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