Monday Motivation- Never Give Up


As an independent publisher, I’ve had to learn so many things! I’ve never had much interest in entrepreneurship before but it’s been essential. What I’ve learned has been the most valuable asset I have is a willingness to learn and improve. When I was twelve years old, I asked for a portable keyboard as a Christmas present. I had always loved music and had a deep desire to learn to play piano. We could not afford lessons but I was in the school chorus. I took the lessons I learned about notes in class and taught myself to read sheet music and play the piano. I’ve lost count of how many times I almost gave up on learning something to finally achieve it after trying one more time. The same holds true with the publishing business.

Do you have an example of perseverance helping you succeed?

One thought on “Monday Motivation- Never Give Up

  1. well done! I wish I could play properly. My friend at school had piano lessons and was trying to teach me but my left hand struggled to coordinate (that’s my excuse anyway. However I did teach myself to crochet when I was 20 and made bedspreads and clothes. I did a pram & cot blanket for my first grandson and his brother had the pram blanket but wasn’t allowed to use the cot blanket so I made him his own. I now have twin grandsons and made them each a pram blanket and am now making cot blankets. I am also making a sleeveless top for my daughter and a jacket for a relative’s baby for Christmas. I also knit but prefer to crochet. Thanks for this post Rose


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