Monday Motivation- Get Started


What have you always wanted to try but have been limited by fear? Or do you just have no idea where to begin? I always wanted to work from home. I’m so glad I found my niche in writing and took a chance, made a plan, and made it happen! And now I’ve added to that with two other businesses- selling Younique makeup and being a health coach! If I can help you in any of these goals, or you just need general encouragement, let me know! But get started!

2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation- Get Started

  1. Congratulations Rose. I’m glad you are enjoying your life. I have just retired and apart from helping with my new twin grandsons and crocheting blankets etc I hope to improve my calligraphy and read more JAFF (although I admit I already read a lot but now it will be easier when I can’t put a book down and read through the night if I don’t have to be up for work!)


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