Positivity Monday- Look Up


Life’s been rough around here. The other week my husband was out of town for work (something that will continue to happen for the next several months) and the kids were sick all week. The minute my husband returned, I became sick and was unwell all last week. Combined with my son going down to half-days for school and I have not been able to write in weeks. I’m disappointed, but I also know things will turn around again. It always does and so I’ll keep looking up. I might not always catch sunshine or stars but the sky is always fascinating.

5 thoughts on “Positivity Monday- Look Up

  1. Hopefully you will feel better soon and things will improve. I look forward to the conclusion of your Groundhog Day story, will you publish it when it is finished? Good luck 🍀


    1. Thanks! I had some blood work done today and am waiting to hear back about it. Yes, I do plan on finishing Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Joy. I feel so bad that it’s far from Christmas now. I planned on waiting until next Christmas to publish it but at this point I’m also behind on my plans for February so perhaps I could just edit all the Christmas out and publish it before then. We’ll have to see. I’m hoping to have another chapter or two up this week. My kids were sick for a week while my husband was gone, then I was sick for a week, and now I seem to have some lingering complications (sore joints being among them). Fingers crossed (ouch) that I can completely finish soon. Thanks for your patience!


  2. Rose, I do know how it feels as I also have been having health issues but you have your son to worry about and care for so here’s hoping and praying that things begin to look up as per your quote above. I always think…someone has it worse than I do so I am just thankful to be where I am.


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