Positivity Monday-Things Could Go Right


I’m preaching to myself today. We got word last week that my husband’s relocation To North Carolina is set for the middle of THIS month. It’s been a moving target but we had last been told June. We’ve been living with my father-in-law so I am dying for my own place again. However, I worry about all the things that could go wrong. What if Teddy doesn’t handle the move well. Should I stay up here with the kids until the school year is over? Is it more disruptive to change schools or have his father away for days/weeks on end? We went down to look at places and the funny thing about crashing with family for a few months is now I’ve got sticker shock. Do I really want to pay *that much* every month? What if something goes wrong and I’m too sick to write ever again?

But you know what? That sort of obsessive negative thinking is toxic. Kids move all the time and this move is for several years. Do some people have chronic illnesses? Yes, but it doesn’t mean I’ll be one. And it doesn’t mean it would be the end of the world if it did happen. Why is it we never ask ourselves to list all the great things that could happen? Why do we focus on the bad so much that it takes all joy out of our lives?

This move, I’m hoping to keep a positive frame of mind. Great things will happen because of this. This will be our home for a few years and I can’t wait to see how we all grow! I’ve already discussed with my husband that I’d like to tour some lighthouses while we’re in the state. I have several JAFF friends that live in the state that I’d love to meet or see again! I’m going to kiss fears goodbye!

4 thoughts on “Positivity Monday-Things Could Go Right

  1. Oh Rose, I’m like that – but what if………? I hope the move goes really well and all your fears prove groundless. Just concentrate on having your own space! Good luck.


  2. I was thinking that there are several of the JAFF community who live in that state. Hope you can meet up with some. Moves are tough. I always counted that it would be a month to even be all unpacked. But then I have three children so that was even harder.


    1. We can unpack boxes pretty fast but things take awhile to find permanent homes. I’m not as into decorating as I used to be, although now that the kids are older I think it’s coming out more. The big thing is that I’m committed to making plans off a calmer pace. In the last two years I’ve been publishing, I’ve felt chronically behind!


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