Positivity Monday- Walls


I’m back from my unexpectedly long road trip! Last week, I was house hunting with my husband in North Carolina. He has officially started working down there Monday-Friday and we were on a mission to find a house ASAP. We drove down together so my mom and brother, who were having to coordinate watching the kids but share a vehicle, would have my van. The plan was I’d rent a car and pay for a one-way rental fee and return on Wednesday. Well, on Wednesday, I was informed since I had an out of state driver’s license I needed a major credit card and my debit card would not work! All turned out well. My mother and

All turned out well. My mother and brother were able to continue to watch my kids and we found a house that will be perfect for all of us! Now, my husband is gone again and I’m on solo parenting duty with the kids. Let me tell you, they’re angels for grandma but not for me!

Anyway, the point of this post. I’ve had issues finishing projects since about August of last year. I’m guessing living in limbo and having some health concerns has not helped it. (BTW, I DO intend on finishing Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Joy! I have completed another chapter and am working on another. At this point, I will finish writing it before posting the rest to avoid any more gaps.) An idea that DID stick and would not leave me alone was that I write to bring happiness to readers and want to reach more of them. As I read more and more Regency Romance and talked more and more about the universalness of Jane Austen, I realized that I really wanted to share my works with non-JAFF readers. So, I am editing my previously published stories and will be creating them into original works.

Bridgewater Brides will include at least three separate series within one universe. It kicks off with The Earl’s Bluestocking Dream (Lords and Bluestockings #1) which JAFF readers will know as A Sense of Obligation now with a new opening and ending and a few other changes throughout. The story is being posted on Wattpad and you can read it for free.

I’m a little terrified to go into the unknown with this. I worry I won’t be well-received since I am a JAFF writer, but then I remind myself I am only bound by the walls I create.

4 thoughts on “Positivity Monday- Walls

  1. I’m glad you managed to find your house. I know what you mean about children being good for anybody else then letting it all go when back with mummy! I think my children are finally over that stage at 39 & 37!!😂. (Although they will be facing it themselves with their children soon!)
    I am so happy to hear that Mr Darcy’s Christmas Joy will be finished and look forward to reading it. Good luck with all your writing projects.


    1. I refer to my daughter as genetically engineered ultra concentrated sass. My theory goes that my grandmother had 6 daughters, my mother had 2. Each generation seeming to get sassier than the next, the same with my husband’s side. And then since she’s the only girl it’s all bottled in one unit instead of being split. Personally, she reminds me far more of her aunts than me although my mother doesn’t agree, lol.


  2. I plan to hop over and read that book with the link you provided. I can sympathize about children…how is they know the moment you are on the phone and can’t yell or chase them? My are grown and two have their own but my daughter-in-law complains that in cursing my son with wishing three like him on him I am also condemning her and she claims she was a perfect child.

    Great that you found a house. Good luck with your writing. Looking forward to reading the rest of the Christmas carol stories.


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