Positivity Monday- You’re Killing It!


I’m privileged to be interviewed on DarcyandLizzy.com this week. Strangely, too many are under the assumption that I’m Super Woman. Not hardly! But it’s been amazing to consider how I started as a reader and am now releasing my fourteenth original work and celebrate my three year published author anniversary next week. I don’t feel like Super Woman. I don’t feel like I’ve got life together. However, I am proud of where I came from. Three years ago when I published my first book, I never would have thought I’d have gone through it so many more times. I still remember posting my first story on a forum, and I couldn’t believe I plucked the courage to do that!

I had zero confidence. To me, I was a failure. At everything. I had a college degree–that took an extra year to complete because I dropped out a few times–with an unimpressive GPA and a lot of debt. I gave up on my master’s degree and had no idea what to do with my life. We had declared bankruptcy, foreclosed on our house, and just had our second (and unexpected) child. What idiot doesn’t know how to prevent pregnancy? It didn’t matter that I had been infertile for years. People just saw someone who couldn’t afford another child mooching off the system with WIC. I was living in my father in law’s basement. In fact, my bed was in the furnace room! I typed most of my stories sitting on my bed, crouched over the laptop, unable to move without waking a child in either direction. I was convinced I was the worst mother and wife on the planet.

I’ve come a long way. A very, very, very long way. I don’t mean the fact that now we live in a lovely home and can pay our bills. I mean that I have confidence in me. Throw what you will at me, and I think I can overcome it. I don’t think I’m Super Woman or even the average woman. However, I no longer think I’m ruining everything I touch. Did it come with my first book? No. Did

Did it come with my first book? No. Did it come with the first story I posted? No. I still have insecurities. I still fear rejection and failure. It came, little by little and piece by piece. Every day is a new fight to enjoy the day and focus on the good. And today, I indulge myself just a moment and remember where I came from and pat myself on my back. I’ve done well!

What are some things you’re proud of?

3 thoughts on “Positivity Monday- You’re Killing It!

  1. Congratulations for overcoming all those problems Rose and just getting on with your life. I hope your positivity continues.
    I am so proud of my 2 children. I brought them up on my own from them being 3 & 1. We had little money but I was happy to spend as much time as I could with my children and they look back on a happy childhood so I did something right.
    My daughter is now 39 and lives in Sydney with her husband and two little boys aged 4 and nearly 2. She takes after me and is very happy playing with her boys as is her husband.
    My son is 37 and lives half an hour from me with his wife and their 10 month old twin boys. They were born 10 weeks early but are doing really well now and he and his wife also love to read to and play with their boys.
    So I considerate both my greatest achievement and wish you all the best with yours.


  2. Congratulations for overcoming those early problems. Whatever you do, keep writing because you are one hell of a writer. I, for one, just love your stories. Do let anyone tell you differently.


  3. I, too, am very proud of my children. Congratulations on your progress with your self-esteem and your success in writing.


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