Tuesday Trivia– Match Austen the quote with the book

Can you match these quotes from Jane Austen’s works with the right book? I did have to guess on two but managed to get a perfect score. I would say the description it gave afterward is spot on, but it did get one detail wrong. Don’t worry. I fixed it. I’ll let you guess if you can see where I had to change it. Tell me your score in the comments!

You practically belong at Pemberley, drinking afternoon tea and planning what you will wear to the ball this evening. Though you fancy yourself an Elizabeth Bennet, truthfully you might be more like Lydia than you’d like to imagine. You likely have strong feelings about Pride & Prejudice and favor the Colin Firth Matthew MacFadyen version above all others. While casual fans may only dip into the well-known Austen books, you’ve read them all several times and can quickly tell an Elinor Dashwood from a Mary Crawford.

Can You Match the Jane Austen Quote to the Book?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia– Match Austen the quote with the book

    1. I knew there were two that I had to guess on and then I just assumed it must mean I got them all right, even if by luck. However, you’re right! It doesn’t ell us! Perhaps we should get them all wrong on purpose and see what it says then!


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