Monday Motivation– Comparison

I might have shared this graphic before. However, if I have I know it means even more to me now.

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It’s been 6 months since the MS diagnosis. Even before getting the definite diagnosis, my health threw me into a world of taking things one day at a time. It made me grateful for each day that I woke up and could still move.

In the weeks and months after the diagnosis, I had to relearn how to take care of myself. That sounds silly, but really between pushing myself so hard to get books written and published and taking care of special needs kids, I had put myself last for too long.

I think it’s a fine line for some people between listening to their bodies and respecting their limits and just indulging in laziness. Sometimes I need to practice some tough love on myself. Another 5 minutes of Facebook is not helpful! 5 more minutes of resting in my bed probably is. However, these are things for a different post.

What I have learned and struggled with in these last few months is comparison. Not only is it difficult to not compare myself to others, but it’s been difficult to not compare myself to the old me. The me that used to jump up and go, go, go. The one who would shake off aches and pains, illnesses and fatigue. I’ve compared myself to writer, publisher, mom, wife, and friend I used to be.

The thing is, we’re always changing and evolving. We don’t think the sun ceases to exist just because the evening arrives. Maybe my ability to take care of others and write etc. is different than it used to be. Maybe I’m not the sun any more but I’m still shining when it’s my time. The moon and stars are just as valuable. And, in the case of my marriage, it’s allowed my husband to shine in ways we never knew.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone (even your former self), just shine!

4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation– Comparison

  1. Tough lesson and tough way to learn. I was struck by your observation on not comparing who you are now with who you were before. I miss the healthier me of a year ago, but focusing there won’t help me improve my now. Your words are a blessing today. Hug


  2. I think you definitely have the right attitude to deal with all life has thrown at you and thank goodness you have such a loving supportive husband. Take care and stay positive 😘

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